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The Line in the Sand

Posted by foundersfreedom on November 13, 2009

Those who know me know that I’m not a dramatic type, but a happy, fun-loving person. However, this is weighing heavily on my heart and has been for weeks. Where is my line in the sand, and what does it mean for me if / when this government crosses it?  We worked hard all summer to avoid reaching this point, but yet we find ourselves and our country on the edge of a cliff.

As Veterans Day loomed near and assaults on our freedoms come from all angles, I had to ask myself what MY sacrifice will be.  Millions of brave men and women have VOLUNTEERED to put themselves between us and those who wish us harm, KNOWING they may have to pay the ultimate sacrifice. Many hundreds of thousands have paid that price.

Will we allow the enemies of freedom, indeed our own elected officials who claim to represent us, to make their sacrifices be for naught? Reagan said,”Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.”

Will it end with our generation?

Those who are shoving us off this cliff have a dismal record of governance and bottom-dwelling approval ratings. They are ideologues and don’t care what we want. They have a long record of corruption, dislike for American greatness, and contempt for our faith in our God.  We’ve gone about our business as good, productive people and parents while, with our own money, they’ve built the machine to destroy us.  They WILL do it if we let them.

This summer we truly learned we are not alone. My fear is that we doubt the commitment of our fellow citizens.  If we believe that we are the substantial majority, we’ll stand against tyranny en masse and emerge victorious. If not, we’ll cower into the shadows subjected to a life of servitude to the State. 

Let it be known this day that I dedicate myself to be able to truthfully tell my children that I did all I could. The great Reagan also said, “Let us be sure that those who come after will say of us in our time, that in our time we did everything that could be done. We finished the race; we kept them free; we kept the faith.”

I understand the hesitancy to address such a heady subject. This shouldn’t be happening in America, the most blessed, most benevolent and most free nation ever to exist.  How can we stand before our God, who gave us these freedoms and used His great land to bless the world over, without hanging our heads in shame?  I don’t know the answers, but I’m searching for them.  I do know we need to get on our knees or we will be forced onto our knees.

Where is your line in the sand? What is your sacrifice? One day these questions will be answered, through thoughtful consideration or by default through defeat and submission, but they will be answered.

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Flag This!

Posted by foundersfreedom on August 7, 2009


Join the fun!

Did this at our right-wing nutjob event planning meeting last night. Made it onto Drudge front page this AM.

In honor of our President’s recent request to rat out our friends, and now with today’s comment telling us to stop talking and let him fix this “mess,” join us by doing your civic duty and send the picture to

I may add other pictures later, but you get the point.

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California failure – the look of America under Obama

Posted by foundersfreedom on May 19, 2009

I posted months ago on the direction of America and how it is so similar to that of our largest failed state – California.

Here’s the bulk of it for those loathe to click on the link.

The “progressive” state is facing a budgetary shortfall of $42 BILLION this fiscal year and is just about out of cash to pay for employees and services.  But before we write this off as their problem, we all need think about what got California in the mess they’re in.  And more importantly, as it relates to the road the new administration is rapidly taking the rest of us down.

States are required to balance their budgets. Why the Feds are not required, well, ask your Senators and Representatives.  Good luck with that.  Since states have to balance, there are ebbs and flows of surplus and deficit and the governors that do it right put money away for the rainy days.

California is not one of those.  The nation’s largest state prefers to spend and expand when times are good. Then when the money slows they cry out in distress.  There needs to be “sacrifice” by the people and not from the government itself. 

What is California currently doing? They are shortening work weeks for government employees.  They are talking about raising taxes and they issued an IOU for tax refunds that were to be going out about now.  Oh, and I left out the most insidious and infuriating part, they’re asking for a bailout.  Don’t think the leftists/socialists in Congress don’t know the value of California’s electoral votes.  They’re too big to fail.

California, known for their care for the illegals and indigents with free education and health care, housing subsidies, their severe environmental regulations and high tax rates is a microcosm of the Obama plan.

Amnesty/ immigration reform and all the costs involved in giving 12-20 million people welfare, housing and food allowances is a large piece of the puzzle.  Universal health care is another. The liberals/ progressives / socialists are building their base for eternal power to cement America’s wheels on the road of socialism, which left unfettered, leads to communism. The same goes with the “disenfranchised” in the sprawling cities.  The more you offer, the more people take.  The more you give, the more votes you receive.  It is a dangerous cycle and America is in it big time!

Since the Feds don’t have to balance their budget, with a crisis at hand, they will spend whatever they have to make sure everyone is taken care of.  Fine, deluded and evil as it is.  What happens when the value of the dollar the Fed is printing at an unprecedented pace collapses and it now takes two dollars to sustain the programs instead of one?  Print it faster? To the typical Obama that may seem like an option.  To thinkers, we know that’s a bad thing for all of us.

Since they can’t print money ad infinitum to keep up, there will have to be cutbacks.  With millions of new recipients receiving federal money, “free” health care, and more that means a larger pool of disgruntled constituents.  They have been promised this money.  The money that we have will buy less and less, so the poorest, whom this whole scheme is purported to help, will be hit the hardest. 

Sadly, we are not the same people we were a hundred years ago, or even 75 years ago.  What will happen when those that have never had to work hard to earn what they have don’t get what they’re expecting?  On the other hand, what will be the reaction of the people who work hard, pay their bills and live responsibly have more-to-most of their money taken away to pay for all this?  A scary scenario indeed.

Update starts here:

California – The state that begs illegals and indigents to come partake of their largesse;  the state that practically brags about having the most stringent environmental regulations; the state more than happy to give a legal vote to anything that moves;  the state that has some of the highest tax rates in the country; the state that’s losing more people to other states than any other; the state that embraces every type of morally deviant behavior. 

California’s too big to fail, what with all their Democrat electoral votes and potential illegal immigrant votes once comprehensive immigration reform has been implemented.  Sounds a lot like all the others we’ve bailed out – the irresponsible – “underwater” homeowners, over-leveraged banks, legacy laden auto manufacturers and coming soon – the mouthpiece of the Marxist asault on America, Big Newspaper.

The “green” state has gone RED!  Too bad it’s only the color of the ink in their budget.

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