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Some wanted me to let it out….

Posted by foundersfreedom on November 5, 2012

Well, the time has come.  And I believe there will be something for everyone.  Even some egg on my own face.
Here goes.
To Obama supporters: Seriously? Open your God-given eyes. Stop blaming Bush for everything. Cut the racist crap. Obama, as an Alinskyite Marxist, is absolutely fine with the deteriorating economy and swelling dependency. That is the PLAN. Read something – anything – about the 60s radicals that he is in tune with. And lastly, Romney is more like the Obama you thought you were voting for than Obama actually was.  Enough said.

To Partisan Republicans: You are as much to blame as Obama is for our national predicament. You play political games while standing for nothing but the R. You are frauds and owe a debt of gratitude to the tea partiers that you even still have a party left. You deserve to land in the dustbin of history for your lack of principle. There’s still time for that to happen, so enjoy this brief surge while you can.

To the Tea Party: you have brought much energy to the political process. You have made some waves. You have ignited an incredible surge in learning of the Founders and the early documents of this amazing government system. If Obama is removed from office on November 6th, you will have been instrumental in doing so. However, the partisanship you have embraced leads me to predict that a Romney presidency is the end of your effectiveness. Too many of your heroes are really enemies of the Constitution. I can name names, but I really don’t want to type out all 200 or so of them. And SHAME ON ANYONE for telling people that a vote on principle is throwing a vote away.

To my newfound libertarian friends – Big L and Small L alike. You are so right on so many things.  Most tea partiers owe you an apology. They called you (and I) names and berated the candidates closest to the Founders, those who stand for individual liberty. They ridiculed us for our principled stances. The result?  They got the candidate they least wanted. Go figure. But there are things we can work on ourselves. Like our presentation. Make points with logic and reason, not with names and derision. We all started somewhere.  Ignore the partisans, and bring along the truth seekers.  Get people to question what they believe.  Don’t fall into the trap of telling people what to think.

Now, for the infuriating and embarassing part. Yes, I’m embarrased and so angry I can hardly contain it. Tomorrow I will be a hypocrite. I will cast a vote that I said I would never cast again – that of voting for the lesser of two evils. I will cast a vote for two candidates that are okay with a kill list, erasing the 4th and 6th amendments, continuing to raise the debt ceiling and enslaving future generations, continuing wars we have no business fighting and more. I will cast a vote for Mitt Romney.  The reasons are simple: 1. Barack Obama is not one of us.  His Marxist worldview is incompatible with personal freedom and capitalism, the engine of freedom and prosperity throughout the ages. 2. It is obvious to a blind man that the Republicans in Congress are so inept and worthless that they will not stand against ANY end-run around Congress. We don’t even get feigned indignation out of them anymore.  It has come to the place where I must empower those unworthy of the power to remove a threat to my children’s future because they won’t.  Sickening.

So, to my libertarian, constitutionalist friends, I ask for your forgiveness. But, things being what they are, I am looking out for my kids’ future today. Fear not though. I will join you in making life miserable for those who have brought us seemingly right back where we were 3 years ago. I will fight side by side as you expose the corruption of the two-party system.

To my Tea Party friends, you have made your bed and you must lie in it.  I will add that I despise this feeling that I have to lie in it too. Prove me wrong.

To my friends that don’t give a rip about any of this and think I’m a blowhard, self-absorbed know-it-all who’s making much ado about nothing, you may be right, but history has proven that those who stand for nothing will fall for anything.

Well, some of you asked.

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Flag the White House

Posted by foundersfreedom on August 6, 2009

 We Tea Partiers and 912ers in Cincinnati had fun last night posting the House version of the health care bill in emails and sending them to the President’s “rat line” asking them to please check it out.  We need to overwhelm the system the way the Left has been for a long time.

On another similar note:
I tried to call the WH to protest the taking of these emails and couldn’t get through (hmm), so this is what I faxed –

Mr. President,
We the People are NOT paid political mobsters disrupting town hall meetings to “break” you.  We hold the Republicans in contempt as much as the Democrats for the economic and political mess we’re in. We are the citizens of the United States that have had our wills thwarted at every turn for a long time now.

We will not be silenced but at the point of a gun – and many not even then.  We are demanding, as is our right in the Constitution, a return to Constitutional government.

We are quickly and effectively educating the ignorant masses who have always thought politics is just politics.  With that education in the truth, we are certainly adding millions to our ranks – and very quickly. 

Are we building an army?  In the political sense, absolutely – yes.  Our armaments are the Constitution, history and the hand of the God that created it.  

Go ahead and take our names and email addresses at We’re not hiding from anybody.  We have quickly put together a strong web of connections and any strong or illicit action against one of us is an action against all.  News travels fast these days.

We pray that God’s wisdom will infiltrate the halls of Washington and that righteousness, freedom, and prosperity will once again be the hallmark of the American way of life.


Thank you for your time,
Roger Titkemeyer
US Citizen
Ohio, USA

See everyone in DC on 9/12!

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Grassroots growing deep

Posted by foundersfreedom on June 23, 2009

2009-06-14P61400162009-06-14P6140017In my last post, I spoke of stepping up and walking the talk.  Here I wish to share some of the fruits of that effort.

The Flag Day Rally For Freedom held recently in the quaint rivertown of New Richmond, Ohio, just to the east of Cincinnati, was the culmination of a lot of hard work by those in the 912 Project and the Cincinnati Tea Party. Most of us are new at this and had lots to learn as we went along. 

I have to say, I’m glad to be counted among such a fine goup of people, like Tom from City BBQ who took a chance on the event and brought his whole setup out to provide awesome brisket sandwiches and huge hot dogs .  When asked how it went, he said he did OK, but was just glad to be there because of the great people he met.  He donated a percentage to the cause.  Thank you, Tom!  The Dan Henning Band was the house band for the event and they ROCKED! And they did it for no charge – even supplying the PA system for all the speakers to use.  Thank you, Dan and band! Laura, who was the event coordinator, Mike from the Tea Party, Karen from 912, Deb from 912, and so many other volunteers.  Special mention and thanks go to Bill and Melanie for their tireless effort to make it happen in their hometown. Thousands of their own dollars were invested in the event. 

One thing about events like these – you won’t be embarassed like so many filthy events put on by the Left.  Profanity was nowhere, just good people discussing their disgust and anger at where Congress is taking the country we all love. 

Since I was busy with “things” (like trying to keep 1500 cups of UDF Homemade Ice Cream frozen in hot, humid weather- thank you, John from UDF!) I didn’t get to hear many of the great speakers.  Varied in style, but with much the same message, these fine people came from points far and wide to support the grassroots effort here in Cincinnati.  The message was loud and clear that America has succumbed to the parties- Republican and Democrat – and we are no longer party people.  Candidates will have to earn our votes, not by placing a letter behind their name. 

We really believe the Second American Revolution has begun and Cincinnati is on the frontline.

Here are some links to the organizations whose representatives spoke or had information booths.

Bob Basso of Thomas Paine YouTube fame
Tim Cox of Get Out Of Our House ( came all the way from Texas.  
Kristine Cassady of the Independence Caucus  
Mike Wilson, Founder of the Cincinnati Tea Party
And my new friend, Karen Best, Founder of the 912 Project in Cincinnati.

If you think a major thunderstorm and subsequent loss of electricity that occurred right after Thomas Paine spoke his rallying words urging us to take this revolution to a new level, you would be mistaken.  The strong remnant of the crowd moved up under the domed cover of the bandstand and finished the rest of speakers for well over an hour.  That, my friends, was the defining moment of the event.  Just like the old days in the town square,  Patriots were discussing their options for improving the state of their nation.  Those of us involved in running the event were busy drying things off and packing things up and I for one wished I could have been in that group of new revolutionaries. 

Here are a few pictures I took as Thomas Paine gave his rallying cry.



Join the thousands who attended this event in declaring your independence from the parties and declare your commitment to the ideals of the Founding Fathers. Their wisdom has warned us and now guides us.  Time is short – join the battle.

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