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Surviving a Meltdown

Posted by foundersfreedom on June 9, 2010

Copying this from my post at

I’m just beginning to do my homework here, and most info sites say much the same thing.  I have no prior knowledge of preparedness anything – this is America. Work hard, be smart and you’ll prosper, right? 

Well, we didn’t know there were forces that were hard at work to destroy this miracle of America, did we?  So, now that we know, and a fall may be closer than we ever imagined, we find ourselves looking back to our childhoods and beyond to learn how our parents and grandparents lived. Our food supply system has been very good for a long time.  What if the fuel supply system goes down?  What if the electric supply system goes down?  What if civil unrest prevents deliveries or makes a trip to the store too dangerous for a few days or a week?  Can’t happen here, can it?

As the father of 4 kids aged 5-15, and the husband of a stay-at-home wife, I can’t think of a worse feeling than wondering how to feed or protect my family. Hence, my desire to get ahead of this stuff.  If collapse or hard times don’t happen (I believe many are already there), we’ll still be better off for it.

To get started, here’s a guide I found that goes through a multitude of layers of preparedness.  It is a little dated as seen through the references, but it isn’t a doom-and-gloom hellfire and brimstone, sky is falling site. Just straight-forward stuff.

Dorothy from the Meetup site sent me two links today, but I have not had time to check them out.  Use your own judgment on everything you read. Everything. and

Feel free to join in this “conversation.” Contact me through the ‘Contact’ tab at the top of the page.

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Flag the White House

Posted by foundersfreedom on August 6, 2009

 We Tea Partiers and 912ers in Cincinnati had fun last night posting the House version of the health care bill in emails and sending them to the President’s “rat line” asking them to please check it out.  We need to overwhelm the system the way the Left has been for a long time.

On another similar note:
I tried to call the WH to protest the taking of these emails and couldn’t get through (hmm), so this is what I faxed –

Mr. President,
We the People are NOT paid political mobsters disrupting town hall meetings to “break” you.  We hold the Republicans in contempt as much as the Democrats for the economic and political mess we’re in. We are the citizens of the United States that have had our wills thwarted at every turn for a long time now.

We will not be silenced but at the point of a gun – and many not even then.  We are demanding, as is our right in the Constitution, a return to Constitutional government.

We are quickly and effectively educating the ignorant masses who have always thought politics is just politics.  With that education in the truth, we are certainly adding millions to our ranks – and very quickly. 

Are we building an army?  In the political sense, absolutely – yes.  Our armaments are the Constitution, history and the hand of the God that created it.  

Go ahead and take our names and email addresses at We’re not hiding from anybody.  We have quickly put together a strong web of connections and any strong or illicit action against one of us is an action against all.  News travels fast these days.

We pray that God’s wisdom will infiltrate the halls of Washington and that righteousness, freedom, and prosperity will once again be the hallmark of the American way of life.


Thank you for your time,
Roger Titkemeyer
US Citizen
Ohio, USA

See everyone in DC on 9/12!

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Still walking the talk

Posted by foundersfreedom on August 5, 2009

If anyone out there has missed my posts, I’m very much involved in the “mob” that is getting in the face of the DC Monster.

I miss posting, but I have more important things on my plate in these troubling times.

God Bless,

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Conservatives, join the fight or stop complaining.

Posted by foundersfreedom on June 5, 2009

The left/ Progressives are decades ahead of us in the action arena, but we’re the smart and productive ones.  We’re motivated by freedom and they are motivated by lust for power, so we’re on the side of righteousness.  Justice and equal opportunity should be the standard, not chosen by the elite.  We are lovers of life and they are the purveyors of death. We are the people who want decency and they’re selling social pornography.  We want to live our own lives and they want to force us to live the way of their choosing. We believe in God and trust in His Providence and they mock and scorn us for it, preferring to play god themselves. 

I’ve decide enough talking and complaining and have gotten involved in a couple local groups in Cincinnati that are working hard to be in position to affect the next election cycle.  The Cincinnati Tea Party, the 912 Project, and in a very limited way, the Campaign for Liberty, the John Birch Society and Ohio Freedom Alliance.  Thus I haven’t been posting except mostly on my Facebook page. If you care to join me there, search for Roger Titkemeyer.  I don’t post going to the store or mowing the grass, just  much like you’d find here only in shorter versions as FB has word limits.  

Please, find somewhere to plug in and get active.  The midterm elections are coming way faster than we want to believe.  We CAN and MUST make a difference or I’m afraid this Grand Experiment will join the rest in the history books.

Our grandchildren may not know what it was like to live as we have – free to prosper or to fail, free to live where we choose, drive what we choose and choose what we do for a living.

Ronald Reagan: (several more available here in the archives.)

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children through the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”

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