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Never Forget

Posted by foundersfreedom on September 11, 2010

September 11th, my generation’s day which will live in infamy.  Over 3,000 innocent people died as we watched in horror as two of the tallest buildings in the world crumbled down from the heavens into a smoldering heap.

Freedom was attacked that day. 

Where were you and what were you doing on that bright and beautiful September morning?  I was on my way to work, listening to talk radio as I always do. For some reason Craig Kopp was solo that morning without Jerry Thomas on 55KRC.  I heard him speak of a plane running into one of the towers of the World Trade Center! No one knew what kind of plane or how it happened.  That alone was newsworthy.  Minutes later you could hear the panic in Craig’s voice as he tried to maintain his composure as he announced that another plane had hit the second tower. This was deliberate!

Questions, anger and more questions filled my head.  Who would do something like that on purpose?  What kind of suicidal maniac would attempt to kill innocent people just going to work, just living their lives?  Word started trickling in about a fundamentalist sect of Islam – they called themselves al-Qaeda.  Still traveling on my way to work, Craig said (slightly paraphrased) “My God! One of the Twin Towers is GONE! IT”S JUST GONE!” The first tower had collapsed! Still gives me chills as I write this.

The other fell shortly after. Don’t remember in what sequence that happened along with the plane going down in the Pennsylvania field, but at that point dread and fear and uncertainty had set in. Will there be more? Who, when and what would be hit next? Schools, malls and any other venue that drew a lot of prople at any time?

Many of us sat glued to our TVs for hours, even days. We learned more about this al-Qaeda, Islam, a Saudi billionaire named bin Laden.  Over the next several months we returned to our lives, a testament to the heart of America. The last stand of freedom on Earth.  A finger stuck in the eye of an ideology that despises freedom and prosperity. Despises our way of life. 

On this day, take a few minutes to look for some footage and talk to your children and grandchildren.  Remind them that God created this place and will continue to bless us so long as we hold Him in rightful esteem and reverence. Satan himself is trying to destroy her. It is up to us to stand for her as she has always stood for us.  Hold no anger toward any man who lives in peace and allows you to live in peace.  However, do not deny the truth and what’s obvious.  There are many in Islam that continue to chip away at our beautiful and bountiful country.  To continue to turn a blind eye only invites another attack – this time probably much worse.

One last thought: Does Imam Rauf have a right to build a mosque near this sacred site? Yes, absolutely. Should we allow it to happen? I say no. Hell NO!  It is a sign from those in Islam who wish for America to be under an Islamic caliphate that they have movd into our sacred space and they will conquer us. The proposed name – Cordoba – refers back to the time a few hundred years ago when bloodthirsty Islamists moved as far west as Spain.  Yhere is no tolerance in Islam, and this mosque is evidence of that.

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The Obama spell doesn’t seem to work anywhere but here.

Posted by foundersfreedom on May 25, 2009

So Obama was what the world awaited?  Perhaps, but not for what he and his sycophantic media friends were selling during the election and everyday since.  The real truth is that the marginal players on the world stage wanted a weak President to capitalize on.  The weaker the U.S., the easier it is to make gains on their own homefronts.  With all that’s transpired in Washington since about day two of this administration, the World Apology Tour and the incredible amount of debt he’s piled onto an already precarious financial situation, the enemies of the free world are making huge strides. 

Look at it like the new administration has viewed our financial crisis, not one to let go to waste.  As Obama has grovelled for our enemies’ approval (of his narcissistic self – not America), they smell the weakness like sharks in the water.   Two of the emerging threats have been flexing muscle like there’s no tomorrow and if one of them, Iran, has it’s way, that just might be the case if we don’t take them seriously. They’ve been prediciting it for a couple years now. 

Sadly, I believe the rest of the Western world, France, the UK, etc. have given up.  They hated that George Bush made them come out of hiding to take a stand against a real threat to their way of life.  Their hope was that Obama would do just as he’s doing, not taking a position of strength, but one of going along to get along. 

Iran and North Korea are two of the most tyrannical and despotic regimes on the planet.  If they’re allowed to continue unchecked, what are the next “wanna-bes” planning?  Russia, certainly a wanna-be before their Olympic Games opening day attack on Georgia, is watching and playing.  We also know whose side they’d be on in a conflict.

China, the brutal communist dictatorship, is in the catbird seat and watching with glee as they may be replacing the US as the world’s only superpower.  Sad, but true.

But we were told that there would be a new day for the world when he would treat everyone as a potential ally rather than adversary.  Could it be we’ve been snookered?  I guess his puppetmasters, Soros and whoever else runs the show, might have overestimated the reactions of those that hate us, our religion and our success as a nation rather than just the President in charge at the time.  They hate Obama just as much as GW Bush.  The ideologues are too vain to see it.  Rose-colored glasses are not meant for these unstable times.

From Fox News

Iran thumbs nose at the Apologist-in-Chief twice.  First the launch of a missile capable of hitting Europe and now sending it’s Navy into an internationally sensitive area to strengthen “territorial integrity.”

Obama had better hurry with those unconditional talks with the terrorist Iranian thuggocracy.  They’re running out of ways to flip us off. 

         Iran has sent six warships into international waters in a move security experts are calling a “muscle flexing” show of defiance         following missile tests last week.  


“Iran has dispatched six … warships to international waters and the Gulf of Aden region in a historically unprecedented move by the Iranian Navy,” Iranian Adm. Habibollah Sayyari told a gathering of armed forces officials, Reuters reported.

Sayyari said the ships were moved to preserve Iran’s territorial integrity in its southern waters, but foreign policy experts are calling it an aggressive move targeted at a Western audience as much as for regional powers like rival Saudi Arabia.

The deployment is “a signal of military strength, resolve and continued defiance to U.S. and U.N. Security Council efforts to end the impasse over Iran’s nuclear program,” said Jim Phillips, senior fellow for Middle Eastern Affairs at the Heritage Institute.

“What’s very important here is the timing of this move — and this naval muscle flexing comes after Iran’s missile test earlier this week, which was saber rattling that was meant to send the same signal as this naval dispatch.”

Phillips said Ahmadinejad was using the opportunity to thumb his nose at the U.S. and U.N. to advance his own popularity in Iran ahead of the country’s hotly contested June 12 election.

Iran’s naval access stretches along the Gulf of Aden, the Strait of Hormuz and the Sea of Oman. Iran has threatened to block the strait, through which about 40 percent of the world’s traded oil is shipped, if it were attacked over its nuclear program.

Nearly 20,000 ships pass through the Gulf of Aden each year, heading to and from the Suez Canal, Reuters noted. Seven percent of world oil consumption passed through the Gulf of Aden in 2007, according to Lloyd’s Marine Intelligence Unit.

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Offending the Barbarians

Posted by foundersfreedom on May 21, 2009

Got this from JihadWatch.  Story from CNN

(CNN) — Military personnel threw away, and ultimately burned, confiscated Bibles that were printed in the two most common Afghan languages amid concern they would be used to try to convert Afghans, a Defense Department spokesman said Tuesday.

Troops at posts in war zones are required to burn their trash, Wright said.

The Bibles were written in the languages Pashto and Dari.

This decision came to light recently, after the Al Jazeera English network aired video of a group prayer service and chapel sermon that a reporter said suggested U.S. troops were being encouraged to spread Christianity.

This decision came to light recently, after the Al Jazeera English network aired video of a group prayer service and chapel sermon that a reporter said suggested U.S. troops were being encouraged to spread Christianity.

The military denied that earlier this month, saying much in the video was taken out of context.

“This was irresponsible and dangerous journalism sensationalizing year-old footage of a religious service for U.S. soldiers on a U.S. base and inferring that troops are evangelizing to Afghans,” Col. Gregory Julian said.

The military says a soldier at Bagram received the Bibles and didn’t realize he wasn’t allowed to hand them out. In the Al Jazeera video, which shows the Bibles at the prayer service, an unnamed soldier says members of his church raised money for them.

The chaplain later corrected the soldier and confiscated the Bibles, Wright said.

Military officers considered sending the Bibles back to the church, he said, but they worried the church would turn around and send them to another organization in Afghanistan — giving the impression that they had been distributed by the U.S. government.

That could lead to violence against troops or U.S. civilians, Wright said.

Al Jazeera English, a Qatar-based international news service, said its reporters tried to get a response from military officials for its story but were unable to do so.

The U.S. military air base at Bagram is home to thousands of troops from all branches of the U.S. military. The vast majority of the troops do not leave the base and are in various support roles for U.S. troops across Afghanistan.

CNN loves to make news out of a story like this.

Makes total sense that we burn Bibles over in that hellhole we call the Middle East. Why, Muslims are so tolerant they MAY even let you live if you’re a Christian in one of their countries and they find out.  They rejoiced in the streets on 9 / 11 and are longing for the day that shariah law rules the world, preaching hatred and subversion of our laws right from their mosques here in America.  Yet we can’t invite them to read the Bible. Obviously to those barbarians the Bible is more offensive than sawing off heads and blowing up innocent women and children which they do on a daily basis. 

This world has definitely gone mad.  America, I’m so gonna miss you.

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The American (citizen) Way – take back what is ours. Is there a lesson here?

Posted by foundersfreedom on April 8, 2009

From everywhere in the news today, but in print here at Fox New

While the administration was contorting and figuring out how to blame the US for the hijacking of one of our own ships, or at least to not offend the Muslim sensitivities of the pirates,  the crew took the ship back, has one Barbarian in custody and some are “in the water.” I don’t think they meant in a boat.

Could this be a harbinger of things to come?  Allow me to stretch a little (actually a lot,  but it is MY blog), but I’m looking for encouragement wherever I can find it.

The President was unable to issue a statement other than that the situation was being closely monitored. A President incapable of handling any situation with a strong response, leads to…

The unarmed crew somehow overtaking the pirates who were certainly armed.  Pure will and determination to not be held prisoner for long…

This is the first time I remember a ship being retaken since becoming a frequent news item. When was the last time – a COUPLE HUNDRED years ago when our Navy, under the legitimate command of Thomas Jefferson fought these same Muslim robbers?

This was an American-flagged ship.  Huge ransoms have been paid in previous hijackings of ships from other countries, but NOT THIS ONE…

The criminals were thrown overboard or held in custody.  Two implications here – 1.TEA PARTIES (get to one next week) and 2. the removal and/or incarceration of the criminals in Washington that are doing their best to hijack our country and hold us captive.

Yes, this was a stretch, but it was kinda fun!  Humor me, we all know it’s been a rough ride over the las few months.
Please, please get to a Tea Party next week.  Yes, it’s symbolic, but it’s a necessary first step.

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Appellate Jihad – the enemy’s newest strategy in the War on “man-caused-disasters”

Posted by foundersfreedom on April 2, 2009

Here’s a winner from Fox News.

The story doesn’t say, but I’m guessing these alleged terrorists will be brought here to hold court on them.  To help them integrate into this infidel land they should start a Facebook group so they can meetup with their buddies from Gitmo.  It could be named ‘Foreign Jihadis Living it up on the Backs of the American Suckers.’ 

WASHINGTON — A federal judge ruled on Thursday that prisoners in the war on terror can use U.S. civilian courts to challenge their detention at a military air base in Afghanistan.

U.S. District Judge John Bates turned down the United States’ motion to deny the right to three foreign detainees at Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan.

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled last year that detainees at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, have the right to challenge their detention in court. But the government had argued that it did not apply to those in Afghanistan. 

I’m sure this was courtesy of the “moderates” on the court. One of which said international consensus should be considered in certain cases.

Bates said the cases were essentially the same and he quoted the Supreme Court ruling repeatedly in his judgment and applied the test created by it to each detainee. It is the first time a federal judge has applied the ruling to detainees in Afghanistan.

Bates considered the requests of four detainees asking to be released, but he reserved judgment on one detainee, Haji Wazir, because he is an Afghan citizen and releasing him could create “practical obstacles in the form of friction with the host country.” He ordered Wazir and the government to file memos addressing those issues.

Does this mean it’s just not safe to let him go free in Afghanistan because it may be too dangerous for him? Poor widdle murderous jihadi.

The other three detainees are from outside Afghanistan — Fadi al Maqaleh of Yemen, Amin al Bakri of Yemen and Redha al-Najar of Tunisia.

Jihadis from “moderate” Yemen? You betcha! 

All four of the detainees in this case were captured outside Afghanistan but have been held at the airfield for six years or more. Bates wrote that the determination to hold them as enemy combatants is part of a process even more inadequate at Bagram than it is at Guantanamo.

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Holder:Gitmo detainees may be released into US

Posted by foundersfreedom on March 19, 2009

From the WSJ

WASHINGTON — Attorney General Eric Holder said some detainees being held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, may end up being released in the U.S. as the Obama administration works with foreign allies to resettle some of the prisoners.

Sure, bring probable sworn enemies in through the front door.

Mr. Holder, in a briefing with reporters, said administration officials are still reviewing individual cases of the approximately 250 detainees to determine which will be put on trial and which may be released to comply with plans to close the detention facility by next year.

Six weeks into his tenure, Mr. Holder is still trying to assemble much of the Justice senior leadership, with several nominees awaiting Senate confirmation. He said he has reviewed the department’s handling of white-collar criminal cases in response to the financial crisis and is considering ways to increase coordination on financial fraud among federal prosecutors and state officials. He said he is trying to increase the budget dedicated to white-collar crime, while maintaining funding for national security.

It’s evident that to the Obama administration that capitalist pigs are the bigger threat, not those that crush and burn 3000 innocents by flying planes into 100 story buildings, or perhaps setting off a dirty bomb in a public space.

European justice ministers met with Mr. Holder earlier this week and pressed for details on how many Guantanamo prisoners the U.S. planned to release domestically, as part of any agreement for allies to accept detainees. Mr. Holder said U.S. officials would work to respond to the questions European officials have over U.S. Guantanamo plans.

For “people who can be released there are a variety of options that we have and among them is the possibility is that we would release them into this country,” Mr. Holder said. “That process is ongoing and we’ve not made any determinations or made any requests of anybody at this point.”

Among the detainees whose fate remains undetermined are 17 ethnic Uighurs, from the Central Asian region of China, who have been ordered released by a judge. The U.S. has refused to turn the men over to China, which considers them part of an separatist group.

Wouldn’t want to release a probable terrorist where he might be harmed, now would we?  BHO thinks we need to show them that we’re nice people and mean them no harm even though their religion demands them to kill us unbelievers, or at least subjugate us.  Where is our compassion people? After all, they had to endure tropical temperatures, free meals, free American legal representation and all the comforts they’d never dreamed of back in Desertrockistan.   

How could so many stupid people end up in the same place at the same time? 

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What’s another billion dollars when you’re appeasin’?

Posted by foundersfreedom on February 24, 2009

MIDEAST ISRAEL PALESTINIANSFrom JihadWatch (and thanks to Patrick at Man’s, inc.)

Obama to give $900 million to Gaza

The Obama administration, like the Bush administration, will not give the money to Hamas. However, with even the UNRWA halting aid to Gaza after Hamas kept stealing it, what safeguards will the U.S. have that this near-billion will not go to Hamas also? None whatsoever.

“U.S. to Give $900 Million in Gaza Aid, Officials Say,” by Helene Cooper for the New York Times, February 23 (thanks to all who sent this in):

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration intends to provide some $900 million to help rebuild Gaza after the Israeli incursion that ended last month, administration officials said Monday.In an early sign of how the administration plans to deal with Hamas, the militant Islamist group that controls Gaza, an official said that the aid would not go to Hamas but that it would be funneled through nongovernmental organizations.

By seeking to aid Gazans but not Hamas, the administration is following the lead of the Bush administration, which sent money to Gaza through nongovernmental organizations. In December, it said it would give $85 million to the United Nations agency that provides aid to Palestinian refugees in the West Bank, Gaza, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria.

The United States considers Hamas a terrorist organization, and the Bush administration refused to have any formal dealings with the group….

We know what the informal contact looks like – John Kerry.  I think we now know what was in the letter he recently brought back from Hamas to BO. It was a ransom note.  Give us a $billion and we just might stop launching rockets at Israel, maybe, on Sundays, when it’s raining, in months that end with the letter z. 

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Sen. Kyl to host Wilders and Fitna!

Posted by foundersfreedom on February 23, 2009



Support free speech. Support Geert Wilders.  This is a brave man.  Under 24 hour protection for a short film showing actual Islamists quoting verses from their own “religion,” he was refused entry into the UK just a few days ago for fear of disrupting community cohesion.

This Thursday Mr. Wilders will screen his film, Fitna, on Capitol Hill.  At least John Kyl understands free speech must be defended.  We shall watch to see who might step up to try to stop it.  We will take names.

See the film at this link at  Do it. It’s only about 15 minutes.  You will likely be surprised at how low-key it really is and that it could cause such a stir.

Remember, these are Koranic verses spoken by Muslim clerics, not by some Islamophobe.  If there’s a problem, it’s with the Koran and its fundamentalist adherents, not Mr. Wilders.

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How long will it take for Europeans to take offense at Muslims’ mockery of their civilization?

Posted by foundersfreedom on February 18, 2009

Hopefully before it’s too late.

Just this week the Home Secretary of the UK denied entry to a democratically elected official from an EU country to prevent “unrest in the community.”  Now Sweden has decided they’d better not allow spectators at a cup match against Israel for fear of demonstrations and unrest from the “Religion of Peacers.”  We in the West had better decide if our freedoms and civilization are worth standing up and fighting for.  If we stand for nothing, we’ll fall for anything. 

This sad and infuriating story is at JihadWatch.  Islam is marching and pushing and shoving its way into our lives.  Are you paying attention?  Appeasement is the modus operandi of Europe and they are paying an ever higher price for it.  And now that America has a new Appeaser-in-Chief, are we to expect a bolder enemy?

Sweden: City council in jihadist enclave rules tennis match with Israel must be held without spectators

Instead of standing up to jihadist intimidation. Malmö, of course, is infamous as a jihadist enclave.

“No fans allowed for Israel tennis match,” from The Local, February 18 (thanks to Josephine):

Sweden’s upcoming Davis Cup tennis match against Israel will be held behind closed doors, Malmö city council ruled on Wednesday.The match was scheduled to be played from March 6th to 8th at the Baltiska Hallen venue, which can hold 4,000 spectators. Police had said the match could go ahead and that the public could be admitted.

Despite this, Malmö council’s sports and recreation committee voted on Wednesday to keep the public out, arguing the security risk would be too great if spectators were allowed.

The decision to ban the public was made after a Social Democrat and Left Party-led motion to have the match played in an empty hall was passed by five votes to four.

The Social Democrats and Left Party cited security concerns for their decision to vote in favour of a spectator ban, as proposed by the head of the sports and recreation committee, Bengt Forsberg (SocDem).

But local Moderate Party representatives were furious at the outcome of the vote, arguing that the match could have gone ahead with spectators and heightened security.

I don’t think we should allow anti-democratic forces decide how we run sporting events,” John Roslund, a Moderate Party member of the committee, told The Local….


Uh, yeah.

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“Moderate” beheader was honored by “moderate” CAIR

Posted by foundersfreedom on February 17, 2009

Well, that explains a few things.  FromWorld Net Daily


A Muslim TV network founder who has been charged with beheading his wife was the recipient of an award from the controversial Council on American-Islamic Relations, the self-described Muslim civil rights group that boasts of its influence on U.S. government policy.

Muzzammil Hassan, 44, and his wife, Aasiya Hassan, 37, founded Bridges TV in November 2004. They described it as a satellite news and opinion channel aimed at portraying Muslims in a positive light following the Sept. 11 attacks.

Pennsylvania’s Democratic Gov. Ed Rendell and Rep. Joseph Sestak of Pennsylvania’s 7th District were special guests at the event. Sestak was the keynote speaker.

“The American-Muslim community is a wonderful community and they have my strong support,” Sestak said in a statement. “They are among our District’s leaders, and among other things, have contributed to the success of businesses, educational institutions, interfaith circles and the health sector. Their participation in civic life is indicative of the great diversity and tolerance of this nation.” (emphasis added)

Too bad it only seems to be a one-way street.

In 2005, Hassan told the Buffalo News he decided to form the television station after he heard disparaging comments about U.S. Muslims on a radio talk show. It operates under the slogan “connecting people through understanding.”

“Every day on television we are barraged by stories of a ‘Muslim extremist, militant, terrorist, or insurgent,'” Hassan said in a 2004 press release. “But the stories that are missing are the countless stories of Muslim tolerance, progress, diversity, service and excellence that Bridges TV hopes to tell.”

Well all the death and violence that occurs daily is just a little too distracting. That and the lack of any strong, unified organization that vehemently and publicly denounces Islamic terrorism rather than running to the rescue of, and making excuses for, the perpetrators.  The “racist” and “Islamophobe” arguments hold NO water when we see the violence which is mandated in your Qu’ran.

Beheadings are more common in Hassan’s former homeland of Pakistan and throughout the Islamic world:

  • Just a week ago, Taliban terrorists in that country beheaded a Polish geologist abducted in an effort to arrange a prisoner swap.
  • An American U.N. worker, John Solecki, is currently facing a similar fate at the hands of Islamic terrorists in that country.
  • Terrorists in Pakistan video recorded the beheading of American reporter Daniel Pearl.
  • Terrorists in Iraq video recorded the beheading of American Nicholas Berg.
  • Beheading is a common form of execution in Saudi Arabia.
  • Beheading is a common way to conduct a so-called “honor killing” – the murder of a wife – throughout the Islamic world.

What a lovely and peaceful “religion.”  No, thank you.
Why again (and again and again) are we letting these people in here? 

For more from the “Religion of Peace” see this new story about the Muslim convert (converted in our prison no less) that shot a cop in cold blood responding to a fight. From myfoxphilly, here’s just a small portion.  Read it all.  This is in America.


Ramsey told Fox 29 News that police are now trying to determine if Scrugs — who also goes by the alias Rasheed Abdulghaffer — may have converted to a radical form of “jailhouse Islam” during his years in prison.

Ironically, Ramsey said he was briefed by FBI agents on Friday about this radical form of Islam. That was just hours before Pawlowski was shot.

Ramsey said there’s a growing concern among law enforcement. “This is a radical form where certainly committing crime and killing police officers and so forth is part of it,” Ramsey said.

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