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This Mission of ours

As a frustrated American who is watching his country fall from within, mine will be a blog that’s similar to many other Patriotic Americans who learned from whence our freedoms came and still hold them to be Providential. Ours is an uphill battle as we see what happens in a post-Christian society, ala the UK and much of Western Europe. The Church  (monolithically speaking),  elected and unelected officials, and a spoiled, complacent and ignorant electorate have all but squandered the greatness that is America,  forged from struggle, sacrifice and blood over the last 2 centuries. 

Free speech is under assault from the same people that pronounce derogatory labels upon those that dare stand against them. One of the 2 major political parties is sworn to keep us under the feet of our enemies, by design or by default, keeping us dependent on their oil.  Post 9-11, I believe it is the former.  Our traditons are being dismantled under this same PC / multicultural disaster.  While millions of the world’s people are striving to come to the shores of America, we’re destroying the reasons to come. 

We’re losing our national and cultural identity as we imply to those with no loyalty to Miss Liberty that their cultures and traditions are actually SUPERIOR to ours since we allow theirs to trump ours out of “fairness” or some other self-defeating reason.

America has been a tremendous blessing to the world since her founding and those stories and reminders will be a large part of that to be posted on this blog. Quotes and ideas from great statesmen to common citizens will be the basis of what we discuss and how we can turn the tide.

May God bless, and continue to have mercy upon, America.

3 Responses to “This Mission of ours”

  1. Hey Founders Freedom, Great Blog!! I check it regularly.

    You might find the latest post on Mans interesting.

  2. Thank you. Saw that article last night. Unbelievable. Been to your site several times myself. Keep up the good work. We’ve got a country to save!

  3. hoosierarmymom said

    I’m adding you to my blogroll FF. I love the heart and spirit in what you are saying. God Bless your work!

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