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Some wanted me to let it out….

Posted by foundersfreedom on November 5, 2012

Well, the time has come.  And I believe there will be something for everyone.  Even some egg on my own face.
Here goes.
To Obama supporters: Seriously? Open your God-given eyes. Stop blaming Bush for everything. Cut the racist crap. Obama, as an Alinskyite Marxist, is absolutely fine with the deteriorating economy and swelling dependency. That is the PLAN. Read something – anything – about the 60s radicals that he is in tune with. And lastly, Romney is more like the Obama you thought you were voting for than Obama actually was.  Enough said.

To Partisan Republicans: You are as much to blame as Obama is for our national predicament. You play political games while standing for nothing but the R. You are frauds and owe a debt of gratitude to the tea partiers that you even still have a party left. You deserve to land in the dustbin of history for your lack of principle. There’s still time for that to happen, so enjoy this brief surge while you can.

To the Tea Party: you have brought much energy to the political process. You have made some waves. You have ignited an incredible surge in learning of the Founders and the early documents of this amazing government system. If Obama is removed from office on November 6th, you will have been instrumental in doing so. However, the partisanship you have embraced leads me to predict that a Romney presidency is the end of your effectiveness. Too many of your heroes are really enemies of the Constitution. I can name names, but I really don’t want to type out all 200 or so of them. And SHAME ON ANYONE for telling people that a vote on principle is throwing a vote away.

To my newfound libertarian friends – Big L and Small L alike. You are so right on so many things.  Most tea partiers owe you an apology. They called you (and I) names and berated the candidates closest to the Founders, those who stand for individual liberty. They ridiculed us for our principled stances. The result?  They got the candidate they least wanted. Go figure. But there are things we can work on ourselves. Like our presentation. Make points with logic and reason, not with names and derision. We all started somewhere.  Ignore the partisans, and bring along the truth seekers.  Get people to question what they believe.  Don’t fall into the trap of telling people what to think.

Now, for the infuriating and embarassing part. Yes, I’m embarrased and so angry I can hardly contain it. Tomorrow I will be a hypocrite. I will cast a vote that I said I would never cast again – that of voting for the lesser of two evils. I will cast a vote for two candidates that are okay with a kill list, erasing the 4th and 6th amendments, continuing to raise the debt ceiling and enslaving future generations, continuing wars we have no business fighting and more. I will cast a vote for Mitt Romney.  The reasons are simple: 1. Barack Obama is not one of us.  His Marxist worldview is incompatible with personal freedom and capitalism, the engine of freedom and prosperity throughout the ages. 2. It is obvious to a blind man that the Republicans in Congress are so inept and worthless that they will not stand against ANY end-run around Congress. We don’t even get feigned indignation out of them anymore.  It has come to the place where I must empower those unworthy of the power to remove a threat to my children’s future because they won’t.  Sickening.

So, to my libertarian, constitutionalist friends, I ask for your forgiveness. But, things being what they are, I am looking out for my kids’ future today. Fear not though. I will join you in making life miserable for those who have brought us seemingly right back where we were 3 years ago. I will fight side by side as you expose the corruption of the two-party system.

To my Tea Party friends, you have made your bed and you must lie in it.  I will add that I despise this feeling that I have to lie in it too. Prove me wrong.

To my friends that don’t give a rip about any of this and think I’m a blowhard, self-absorbed know-it-all who’s making much ado about nothing, you may be right, but history has proven that those who stand for nothing will fall for anything.

Well, some of you asked.


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