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Never Forget

Posted by foundersfreedom on September 11, 2010

September 11th, my generation’s day which will live in infamy.  Over 3,000 innocent people died as we watched in horror as two of the tallest buildings in the world crumbled down from the heavens into a smoldering heap.

Freedom was attacked that day. 

Where were you and what were you doing on that bright and beautiful September morning?  I was on my way to work, listening to talk radio as I always do. For some reason Craig Kopp was solo that morning without Jerry Thomas on 55KRC.  I heard him speak of a plane running into one of the towers of the World Trade Center! No one knew what kind of plane or how it happened.  That alone was newsworthy.  Minutes later you could hear the panic in Craig’s voice as he tried to maintain his composure as he announced that another plane had hit the second tower. This was deliberate!

Questions, anger and more questions filled my head.  Who would do something like that on purpose?  What kind of suicidal maniac would attempt to kill innocent people just going to work, just living their lives?  Word started trickling in about a fundamentalist sect of Islam – they called themselves al-Qaeda.  Still traveling on my way to work, Craig said (slightly paraphrased) “My God! One of the Twin Towers is GONE! IT”S JUST GONE!” The first tower had collapsed! Still gives me chills as I write this.

The other fell shortly after. Don’t remember in what sequence that happened along with the plane going down in the Pennsylvania field, but at that point dread and fear and uncertainty had set in. Will there be more? Who, when and what would be hit next? Schools, malls and any other venue that drew a lot of prople at any time?

Many of us sat glued to our TVs for hours, even days. We learned more about this al-Qaeda, Islam, a Saudi billionaire named bin Laden.  Over the next several months we returned to our lives, a testament to the heart of America. The last stand of freedom on Earth.  A finger stuck in the eye of an ideology that despises freedom and prosperity. Despises our way of life. 

On this day, take a few minutes to look for some footage and talk to your children and grandchildren.  Remind them that God created this place and will continue to bless us so long as we hold Him in rightful esteem and reverence. Satan himself is trying to destroy her. It is up to us to stand for her as she has always stood for us.  Hold no anger toward any man who lives in peace and allows you to live in peace.  However, do not deny the truth and what’s obvious.  There are many in Islam that continue to chip away at our beautiful and bountiful country.  To continue to turn a blind eye only invites another attack – this time probably much worse.

One last thought: Does Imam Rauf have a right to build a mosque near this sacred site? Yes, absolutely. Should we allow it to happen? I say no. Hell NO!  It is a sign from those in Islam who wish for America to be under an Islamic caliphate that they have movd into our sacred space and they will conquer us. The proposed name – Cordoba – refers back to the time a few hundred years ago when bloodthirsty Islamists moved as far west as Spain.  Yhere is no tolerance in Islam, and this mosque is evidence of that.

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