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Epiphany!…sort of…

Posted by foundersfreedom on April 12, 2010

A year ago I decided to get as heavily involved in the “tea party” movement as I could get. The experience has been amazing. I’ve met great and passionate Americans, many which I now call friends.

I’ve gotten to the inner circle of major local events and been more than happy to devote a couple nights a week and many extra hours of email, calls and reading to further the cause. But these last few months have not brought me the fulfillment I thought I’d get from doing what I thought was all that I possibly could (while trying to balance job and family).

It’s true enough that we’ve had some unbelievable events that have shaken my confidence that we will ever get our country back, but I’m thinking about why, with all the passion and commitment I’ve seen from my new friends, do I still feel we’ve lost?  Americans have never been so engaged in the process and show no signs of letting up. Polls show tea party positions and candidates in a very positive light all across the country.

Though I don’t typically skip church on Sunday to work, this past Sunday I had some things that needed to get done so I did just that. Driving along listening to the radio preacher talking about the Great Commission stirred in me the cause of my current malaise. As popular and as positive as the tea party message is – and crucial to our way of life – I’ve had no desire to go to any of the many local meetings. Not even to participate in the big event of the season – the Sean Hannity Tax Day Tea Party right here in Cincinnati. This is was what I thought I was working for.

A little background is in order. As a Glenn Beck fan, I consider myself more of a 9/12er than a tea partier. Glenn knows that without God as the foundation we will not get back the stated goals of the Tea Party – Free Markets, Limited Government and Fiscal Responsibility (Cincinnati version). I’ve felt that all along. Plus, the fact they’re getting very involved in the political process, I just wasn’t “feeling” it. I have no more desire to work in the Republican Party – even if to reform it – than I have to parachute from a plane.

I’ve been doing some soul-searching to determine if I was just jealous that I hadn’t really accomplished what I have been working toward as the outreach guy for the Cincy 9/12 Project when the tea parties seem to get all the press. I’ve always been a bit of a contrarian doing what was least popular, so it really wasn’t that.  Feeling like I’m right in believing there is no political solution for our woes and that we’re just beginning to see how bad things can get, I wanted to feel the excitement and enthusiasm that so many around me do about the coming elections. But I can’t.

Back to the preacher. I was thinking again about the three tenets of the Tea Party and how it fails to address where those values originate. They are,  generally speaking, about money or the ability to pursue it.  There is no spiritual component.  Our inalienable rights emanate from natural law which comes from a Creator God. How can we possibly be successful if we don’t put Him back in His rightful place?  We can’t and we won’t. Therein lies the problem. Don’t get me wrong, God is not off limits in the tea parties, they just don’t make Him a plank.

Now I’m thinking, “what would my three planks be if I were to come up with my own?”  I came up with God, Me and Others. Strange enough I know, but within seconds “Me” became my hopes for myself, my children and future grandchildren and “Others” became the duty to help others to accomplish things for their families.  Again, in a moment, Faith, Hope, and Charity evolved into my mantra – just as it has for Glenn Beck.  Great (or insane) minds think alike.

This epiphany, so to speak,  has given me a new outlook and a desire to really pursue the spiritual aspect of America. Without it we are destined to fail.  We must give God His due. America is like no other in the history of Man and it is fully because of divine providence.  Freedom can only come from God. It has become quite clear over the centuries that, left to mere men, governments will enslave – even as evidenced  in what is happening here in America today. If God be for us, who could be against us? There’s liberating power in that. Just what I needed. Now, back to the fight.


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