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Tampa baby death shouldn’t be all that tragic…

Posted by foundersfreedom on May 5, 2009

…to the pro-abortion crowd.

To normal people, this is a horrific and tragic event that is worthy of the news it will surely generate, but I contend that those who agree with abortion, especially late-term abortions, really have no reason to feel this way. 

Some will say, “But this was a was 4 month old. This is different.” The age of the child is irrelevant. What if the child were 2 weeks old and was born 4 weeks premature?  It shouldn’t have been born yet. Had the mother chosen to abort the baby, all the way up to its time of birth, it would have been legal and the girl would have exercised her right to terminate an unwanted pregnancy – possibly even celebrated as a victory for womens’ rights. After 50 million+ abortions, this is not news – a huge tragedy – but not news.

 This is precisely why they shouldn’t be too torn over this baby’s death.  It’s hypocrisy or ignorance that justifies this line of thinking.

Pardon me for being a bit gruesome here, but tell me the difference between a child killed by being thrown from a car and one torn limb by limb from the Mother’s womb and tossed in a garbage can.  They are both the willful killing of a human baby. Try as some will to assuage their consciences by renaming the event, the truth remains – there is very little difference.  The only difference in this instance is that the mother may not have consented.  (Indeed, as normal people we should pray for her in her truly tragic loss.) The fact of the matter is that a baby was intentionally killed. BOTH should be headline stories, but sadly only one is.

To make things more surreal, many of the supporters of abortion, like one of my own neighbors, are opposed to the death penalty!   It’s OK to kill a totally innocent baby in a “doctor’s” office, yet to put to death the dirtbag who throws one out into traffic is unacceptable.   They fight for the death of the innocent and for the life of the guilty. That is insanity or the working of a reprobate mind. 

As our civilization spirals ever downward because the “enlightened” have worked tirelessly to remove “religion” from schools and the the public square and have denigrated those of us who profess a belief in God, right and wrong, good and evil, this should surprise no one.  God doesn’t deal in moral relativity. As Isaiah 5:2o says, “Woe to them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” 

Here’s the story fom Fox Tampa : Alleged baby kidnapper arrested after 4 month-old found dead on the side of the road. 

Updated: Tuesday, 05 May 2009, 12:05 PM EDT
Published : Tuesday, 05 May 2009, 4:48 AM EDT

TAMPA – Tampa police arrested the suspect in the kidnapping and death of a 4-month-old child this morning.

According to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, deputies responded to a domestic violence call at the Mirabella Apartments in the 12400 block of 15th Street North in Tampa around 3:15 a.m.

The 17-year-old mother said her ex-boyfriend beat her and threw her infant son down on the concrete, then took off with the child.

Deputies were in the process of trying to issue an Amber Alert when a FOX 13 photographer found the baby along the side of the road in the southbound lanes of I-275 at Fowler Avenue around 4 a.m..

“On the side of the road, I saw something out of the corner of my eye and at first I thought it was a baby doll and then as I was thinking about it more, I thought that was awfully big for a doll,” Jason Bird said. 

Bird, who was on his way to work, turned around and went back.

“It’s kind of morbid, but I mean I could tell that it was dead, it was laying there with its eyes open and I couldn’t look at it,” Bird said.  “It freaked me out, but fortunately law enforcement came right away.

At least we (those who have knowledge of and hope in the next life) know this child is in a better place. God grant peace to the mother and family of the precious one you created. Amen



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