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Good riddance, Senator Specter. Snowe and Collins – care to join him?

Posted by foundersfreedom on April 30, 2009

We will weep nary a tear for his departure. The Left will tout it as a coup, but we rejoice that one of the “placeholders” is gone.  He was a RINO through and through.  The big tent really did us wonders, didn’t it? That whole marketing plan was a disaster since it just diluted the message.  I personally never signed onto it. 

I hope Rick Santorum learned his lesson. I have to say I lost a LOT of respect for Rick when he backed the odious Specter over Toomey in the last primary. When the Republicans thought it better to retain seats rather than to maintain principles, that’s when their party was over. 

The bleeding continues as it appears the elitist Republicans think this is a terrible loss – one step closer to giving the Dems the coveted filibuster-proof majority. Did it really matter?  Specter, Snowe, Collins, Lugar and even my own belatedly retiring  Voinovich can usually be counted on to side with the lockstep Dems to forward THEIR agenda.  Bi-partisanship is a one-way street in DC and the inept Rs travel that road enough to make a rut in it. Losers.

The Tea Parties, of which I am a vehement supporter, are the warning shot to the Rs to listen to us or get out of the way.  We will find those that actually adhere to conservative principles beyond personal gain.


3 Responses to “Good riddance, Senator Specter. Snowe and Collins – care to join him?”

  1. Rick said

    And let Boehner be the first to go, FF.
    I’ve NEVER seen a less inspiring, more impotent, fickle “leader”, and I use that term very loosely with Boehner.
    Is it any wonder that our party is limping along with “leaders” like this??

    I’ve said it before, in these times, our Republican legislators ought to be throwing their bodies into the wedge. Instead, they’ve never appeared weaker, lamer or less motivated.

    I am absolutely stumped!

  2. Rick,
    Did you hear JB has a possible primary opponent? I saw it in the Midd. Journal and ALL comments were cheering Sheriff Jones on. Kick them all out!

  3. Rick said

    FF, this is SUCH a dilemma…. If Jones wins, he goes to Washington to get lost in the maelstrom and no longer of use to us. Here, he can do some good. Yet, unless guys like Jones go to DC, there will be no hope.

    Honest to God, I just don’t know how to think anymore….

    But yes, they ALL have to go!!
    A more useless group of legislators we’ve not seen.

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