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A public confession in this Easter season…

Posted by foundersfreedom on April 13, 2009

Dear Jesus Christ, the Lord of Lords and King of Kings – I am so sorry for the flippant manner in which I continue to regard what you have done, by choice, to show your love for your creation.

The 39 lashes you received were not just painful, they shredded your back and head beyond recogniton.  Veins and tendons were visible if one could see through the blood.  39 – because 40 is believed to be the number of lashes from the cat-o-nine-tails, those barbaric whips covered with glass shards and steel fragments, that KILLS the one receiving them. 

The crown of thorns was not simply placed on your head as a mocking gesture – the thorns were pressed INTO your head causing massive amounts of blood that impaired your ability to defend yourself, though you chose not to,  against those that were spitting on you and hitting you incessantly – ripping your beard out by the handsful. 

It was in this condition, beaten bloodied and nearly blind, that you were forced to carry and drag your own cross toward the place of your death.  Through the crowds of sobbing believers and the taunting of non-believers you trudged on until your physical body could no longer continue the task.

The nails, or rather, spikes, were driven through your wrists and through your feet to further the bloodletting.   The pain in your wrists, due to the strain of your hanging body was only lessened by increasing the pain in your feet when you pushed up.

Yet in the midst of this most heinous of acts you forgave your offenders and all the rest that followed in the last two centuries.  You willingly gave your own life, descended into Hell – the place of darkness, torment and eternal unspeakable lonelines meant for US sinners – and blew it’s doors wide open!  This is the greatest gift ever given to man and so many of us take it for granted.  We, indeed, are not worthy of your sacrifice, but you knew it and did it anyway.

Our righteousness is but filthy rags and only you, through your unconditional love,  made it possible to see beyond our petty little lives to see a glimpse of Heaven.  We deserve what you willingly endured.

Forgive us all for making much ado about stupid little things.  Forgive us for not standing up and speaking the Truth anywhere and everywhere.  Forgive us for allowing the deaths of nearly 50 million of your precious creations to be slaughtered on the alters of selfishness.  Forgive us for allowing those who continue to spit in your face and defy you to take control of the institutions of this country you provided for the benefit of ALL mankind. 

We have hope only in You and that’s all we need.  Amen.


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