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Pres. Obama, Apologist-in-Chief, speak for yourself!

Posted by foundersfreedom on April 6, 2009

Obama is once again lapping up the reverence of the masses of Europe while spitting in the faces of our soldiers who saved their backsides in World War ll, had their backs for decades and continue to carry almost the entire weight of the “war-on-man-caused-disasters.”

Apologizing for the worlwide economic chaos, as if America is responsible for the ineptitude and corruption of their government (in one respect we are – so quit voting these dirtbags back into office! Even your own.), when the rest of his socialist friends in Europe were spending their countries into the same mess is just one more thing to add fuel to my fire.

His threat to bamboozle the Iranians and now North Korea have fallen embarrassingly short of his successful efforts with organizing communities.

Mr. Obama, these enemy countries aren’t on your payroll like ACORN and all your other neighborhood thug minions.  They see and smell weakness and it comes from YOU.

They threaten to destroy us with newly developed nuclear weapons and you want to unilaterally disarm the free world. Insanity! They have BOTH laughed at your attempts to “communitize” them.  Interesting your friends in the media don’t report their derision of you.

You are WAY out of your league and America will pay dearly for the ignorance of those who thought Change was automatically a good thing.

The country is awakening and we know your intentions. Your naivete, or worse traiterous, actions to tear America down will meet fierce opposition and it is building fast.  We the People are educating, amassing and motivated. Look out your window on Tax Day and see who you’re up against!

End rant.


6 Responses to “Pres. Obama, Apologist-in-Chief, speak for yourself!”

  1. hoosierarmymom said

    Sounds like the Audacity of Elitism to me. What a piece of socialist crap we have for a Usurper and Cheif!!! I think of him as the ultimate “traitor of America”. Everytime I see a car with Obama stickers on it I want to pull in front of it and beat the crap out of the driver! Of course common sense takes over… but one can dream, eh?

  2. Hoosierarmymom, I have to admit that I too, look at drivers with O stickers and shake my head at them. Chances are most are just as clueless today as they were in November. I’ve been trying hard to be controlled and not rant, but this week The Obama World Tour for Apology and Appeasement just put me a bit over the edge.
    By the way, I finally added you to my blogroll. I’ve been busy working with the local 912 Project (Glenn Beck’s thing) to get people out to the Tea Party here in Cincinnati and haven’t spent much time in the blog world. Thought you’d like to know. ff

  3. Rick said

    The thing that really puzzles me is that our Republican officials aren’t screaming bloody murder and throwing their bodies across the road!
    Where is the opposition??
    It is as if Republicans have laid down and died.
    I am just flummoxed…

    With the traitorous path that Obama travels, there ought to be Republicans screaming every step of the way. Has opposition dissolved??

    Obama MUST be stopped.

    Bottom line: there are few politicans worth spit. How let down are we conservatives by the behavior of Republicans. The party ought to be dissolved and we ought to start again.

    It is strikingly bizarre how Obama has NO obstacles in his march to Marxism…

  4. cmblake6 said

    I’m having great difficulty composing something regarding that communist piece of muslim/marxist filth not an obscene scream. Can anyone please prove he’s not eligible in the first place so we can get him out? Or can we please have a military coup so we can rebuild this nation as it once was? Petraeus for military governor ’09!

  5. […] I’m going to pilfer a post. 2009 April 7 by cmblake6 I’m upset. Founders Freedom has written a post. Over there are some very quick and to the point comments about the embarassment we suffer […]

  6. I don’t understand it either, Rick. I called my Rep when the “stimulus” was being debated with all it’s perverse spending and asked when the Rs were REALLY going to take a stand – like you said – block the doors to the chamber or something. I even called Mike Pence’s office in Indiana since he’s a “leader” and said the same thing. Something more than just political speak for the news media. They have lost credibility and perhaps their will. They’ve always seemed to feel it beneath them to take the gloves off when taking on the libs who never put the gloves ON. They are relentless and have taken a little bit more year after year, bringing us to this point where they can do ANYTHING they want without much opposition. It’s now proving to be a very costly mistake. And we, our children, and our children’s children will pay that price, too. See you at the Tea Party next week? Everyone?

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