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Are these Obama Policies, Distractions or all out Assault?

Posted by foundersfreedom on March 19, 2009

I hate to keep piling on, but the daily onslaught by the most radical administration in our history is really taxing us working folks’ ability to keep up.  Actually, we are going to pile on so much that The O won’t be able to get back up to continue this assault on capitalism and the American way. 

Is it part of his plan to keep us chasing these fires just to get our eyes off the big picture?  The ability of  the people who ran such a well orchestrated campaign, regardless of the complicity of the MSM, gives me pause to think this trainwreck is on purpose.

Just in the last couple days we’ve had these humdingers:

1. A plan to make vets responsible for their own care even after suffering wounds on the field of battle

2. Acorn involved in the Census

3. Volunteering and civilian service 

4. Pelosi saying that to capture and deport illegal immigrants is unpatriotic

5. The Missouri Information Analysis Center says Constitution-loving citizens are a threat to law enforcement and thus the Republic. 

6.  Indignation over bonuses paid by AIG that were approved in the original bailout. 

The controversial nature of each of these definitely gives news sites, talk radio and us in the blog world an abundance of fodder to get our dander up and I’m beginning to think this is to keep our eyes off something far worse.  Each in its own right is frightening, but to float so much at the same time doesn’t make sense.  Why would a President who’s only been in office for two months burn this kind of political capital?  While his approval ratings are falling? Could be that I’m making much ado about nothing  Perhaps there’s just a general feeling on the left that the door has been kicked open and it’s time to push with all they’ve got.

Obama has used the economic downturn as the impetus for things like paying-off supporters, boosting the coffers of ACORN, health care reform, and nationalizing banks.  I’m thinking the new budget he has asked his jackboots to peddle door-to-door is the camel’s nose, hump and posterior under the tent.  Carbon cap and trade as a the vehicle to right the wrongs done to the planet, health care reform, civilian service, immersion into the UN / global agenda, amnesty / open borders, Card Check, pay restrictions on individuals and so much more are the major long-term goals and subsequently will cause serious, if not irreparable damage to our economy. 

Let’s look at the precedent for my line of thinking (for you typical Obama voters that means an event that occurred previously that gives insight on the current) – the “stimulus” bill.  Right wing news and politicians spent days gleaning out the truth of what was in the bill to no avail.  Nobody read the bill in its entirety on either side for lack of available time.   So much for transparency.   That bill was only $820 billion.     There were squeals about pork and some sparks flew, but it was after the fact and we’ve moved on to the next.  He dropped a couple points in his approval ratings, but certainly not any of the battles, let alone the war. 

The President’s proposed budget is for 4 times that much!  It’s being crafted as we speak, the O is promoting and selling it and only a few (who?) know what the final product will be.  What, then, is he selling?  Who is writing it up?  Again, will it be read so we know what’s in it?  The stimulus bill was over 700 pages.  By simple extrapolation, this one could be 2800 pages!

Here’s the rub.  Regardless of how much we ranted and protested, it is now the law of the land.  As more and more of the purposely vague details of the “stimulus” are implemented, the newest distractions engage us.  Our attention becomes damage control.

If George Soros or someone of his ilk is the puppetmaster and Barack a very willing puppet with both houses of Congress aligned with him, there is a power axis like we’ve never seen.  Soros, who swore to knock America off her pedestal (see my recent post here), has the money, the desire and the personnel in place. The hardware to perpetuate the scheme lies in the MSM.

Barack has lived for this moment as have many others before him, especially those in the leadership of the Democrat Party.  He will never live under the totalitarian / egalitarian society he pursues, nor will his accomplices in Congress.  Since his dream of  social and economic parity will be realized, with him at the head, why should he let the rantings of a few in talk radio bother him enough to even consider any other path?  If this machine can make it stick, he will be revered as one of history’s greatest leaders. The MSM will make sure of it.  He’s probably already retained a sculptor to create his bust that will sit alongside those of Lincoln and Jefferson or perhaps Stalin.

We are in the perfect storm and the roots of our republic are being loosed.  We cannot get caught up in the day to day whirlwind which is the Obama administration.  We have no other course but to pray, educate ourselves on our heritage, bring along those in the margins, support only candidates that swear to uphold (what’s left of and restore) the great Constitution of these United States and pray again. 

I guess there is one other…


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