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Ohioans losing Hope in this Change. Reality replaces Rhetoric.

Posted by foundersfreedom on March 18, 2009

Reality is replacing rhetoric.  Ohio went Blue this last election after a long decline of being Red.  We are experiencing above average unemployment and home foreclosures precipitating the anti-Bush vote that pushed us over the line.  Ohio, except for the liberals in Cleveland and Columbus, is a conservative Midwest state.  Perhaps the buyer’s remorse has kicked in.   The Cincinnati Tea Party held last weekend drew 5000 peaceful and patriotic protestors!  You may have heard about it on talk radio, but the day is coming that Washington will hear us! I was proudly among them and urge everyone to find one and get your butt to it!   

From Cincinnati Business Courier – emphasis mine.  The independents are peeling off the Obama train – and fast!

A new poll of Ohio voters indicates President Barack Obama is losing popularity in some unsurprising areas, but pollsters say a drop in support from a key group of voters may spell cause for concern in his administration.

Results from a Quinnipiac Universitypoll released Wednesday show Obama with 57 percent support among Ohioans, down 10 percentage points from a month earlier. That accounted for an 88 percent approval rating among Democrat voters, 22 percent approval from Republicans and 55 percent from independents.

Some 33 percent of surveyed voters disapprove of Obama’s performance.

Quinnipiac surveyed 1,299 Ohioans from March 10 through Sunday. The poll’s margin of error was 2.7 percentage points.

“The drop-off in support is coming from those one might expect – Republicans, whites and men,” Peter Brown, assistant director of the Connecticut school’s polling institute, said in a release. “But of more political concern to the White House may be that Obama’s approval rating among independent voters fell …

More than a month ago, 72 percent of independents approved of the president’s performance.

Brown also pointed to waning support from self-proclaimed evangelical Christians as a sign “the honeymoon might be winding down” on the new presidency. In a February poll, 52 percent of evangelicals approved of Obama’s performance, while 29 percent disapproved, but the latest survey shows a nearly even split – 45 percent approving to 46 percent disapproving.

Obama carries a similar approval rating as Gov. Ted Strickland, who pulled in 56 percent support in polling results released Tuesday. That was down from 63 percent approval in February.

The president, however, scored higher marks than Strickland on his handling of the economy, with 53 percent support his policies and actions, compared to 36 percent disapproving of them. The 39 percent of Ohioans approving Strickland’s handling of the economy were in the minority in the latest poll.

Despite overall backing for Obama’s handling of the economic crisis, Ohio voters by a 2-to-1 margin said his mortgage rescue plan is unfair to homeowners who make their mortgage payments on time. The program’s apparent necessity, however, outweighs concerns over equity – 55 percent of voters approve of the plan. Most of that support, however, came from voters who think the plan is unfair but still needed.

Voters also appear narrowly optimistic over the effects of the mortgage rescue plan. Just over half said they think the plan to help some homeowners will help stabilize neighborhood housing prices. But 41 percent of those surveyed said they think the plan won’t help other home prices.


4 Responses to “Ohioans losing Hope in this Change. Reality replaces Rhetoric.”

  1. These are interesting polls. I think you will find even Dems are starting to shift their opinion on the guy. Check out the daily tracking numbers:

    You will see that the % of people disagreeing with Obama is steadily increasing.

  2. Rick said

    Off topic, but I am listening to Hannity right at this moment. he’s interviewing a 22 year-old genius who loves Obama, because he’s “trying” and “you’ve got to spend money to make money”.
    My skin is crawling because he typifies the supporters of Barry.
    He’s trying.
    I swear, we ought to give a test to allow people to vote.

  3. Rick, you ain’t seen nothin’ ’til the illegals are given a vote by Queen Pelosi. No questions asked. They can’t wait until they can get 20,000,000 new socialists voting for their eternal rule (and the death of America). I’m starting to get MAD!

  4. Alex, I like the convergence shown on the graph. The positives coming down and the negatives going up. Will they cross? Not if he stays in campaign mode with his underlings doing the dirty work and keeping himself above the fray. But, we are only 2 months into his admin.

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