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The Nanny State knows what’s best for our children, so sit down and shut up

Posted by foundersfreedom on March 12, 2009

Herein lies the problem with the decay of America.  The leftist education system and their allies in judicial and political systems across the country have created, by design,  nearly two full generations of spoon-fed citizens.  Our consumerist lifestyle, combined with overtaxation by government, has led to the majority of mothers leaving the home for gainful employment leaving their kids to be indoctrinated from age 5 through their college years.  No wonder socialism is walking in the front door.  Historical revision, “climate change,” social engineering, and normalization of perverse lifestyles are reinforced daily in class and then continued through the constant interaction with peers.  Moms and Dads, who certainly must shoulder much of the blame for this malady, are too busy working to really follow what’s being taught to their children.  If you’re too busy for your kids, you’re too busy. Stop it!

This story from World Net Daily is just an example of the disdain held by many in the aforementioned systems toward those that choose to teach their own values to their children.  The reaction Judge Mangum had to the ensuing outrage of his statement is indicative of the arrogance of the left.  This poor, stupid, yet well-meaning woman did the best she could, but it would be in the childrens’ best interest to be more rounded educationally and socially. 

Heaven forbid they not learn about the climate change hoax, not learn how to send nude pictures of themselves though their cell phones, have sex under the bleachers by the time they’re 13 years old, experience the joys of underage drinking, smoking pot or snorting cocaine.  I’m not saying that all homeschoolers are angels or that every homeschooling parent is aware of all activities of their children, nor am I saying all public school kids let themselves get involved in these things.  I am saying the likelihood is considerably greater in the public system.

As a parent of  homeschooled children, I laugh at those who say our kids are missing out.  The things they’re missing out on are what’s destroying the souls of the majority and ultimately the country.

Oh, yeah, almost forgot.  Homeschoolers generally FAR outperform public schoolers in achievement.  But then again, that’s not necessarily a government school’s goal is it?  

From World Net Daily.

  Judge orders homeschoolers into public district classrooms 
Decides children need more ‘focus’ despite testing above grade levels

(emphasis added)

A North Carolina judge has ordered three children to attend public schools this fall because the homeschooling their mother has provided over the last four years needs to be “challenged.” The children, however, have tested above their grade levels – by as much as two years.

The decision is raising eyebrows among homeschooling families, and one friend of the mother has launched a website to publicize the issue.  The ruling was made by Judge Ned Mangum of Wake County, who was handling a divorce proceeding for Thomas and Venessa Mills.  A statement released by a publicist working for the mother, whose children now are 10, 11 and 12, said Mangum stripped her of her right to decide what is best for her children’s education.

The judge, when contacted by WND, explained his goal in ordering the children to register and attend a public school was to make sure they have a “more well-rounded education.”  “I thought Ms. Mills had done a good job [in homeschooling],” he said. “It was great for them to have that access, and [I had] no problems with homeschooling. I said public schooling would be a good complement.”  The judge said the husband has not been supportive of his wife’s homeschooling, and “it accomplished its purposes. It now was appropriate to have them back in public school.”

Mangum said he made the determination on his guiding principle, “What’s in the best interest of the minor children,” and conceded it was putting his judgment in place of the mother’s.  And he said that while he expressed his opinion from the bench in the court hearing, the final written order had not yet been signed.   However, the practice of a judge replacing a parent’s judgment with his own regarding homeschooling was argued recently when a court panel in California ruled that a family would no longer be allowed to homeschool their own children.

According to a proposed but as-yet unsigned order submitted by the father’s lawyer to Mangum, “The children have thrived in homeschool for the past four years, but need the broader focus and socialization available to them in public school. The Court finds that it is in the children’s best interest to continue their homeschooling through the end of the current school year, but to begin attending public school at the beginning of the 2009-2010 instructional year.”

The order also stated, “Defendant believes that plaintiff is a nurturing mother who loves the children. Defendant believes that plaintiff has done a good job with the homeschooling of the children, although he does not believe that continued homeschooling is in the best interest of the children.”

The website said the judge also said public school would “prepare these kids for the real world and college” and allow them “socialization.” (end)

By the way, I’m the son of two teachers and the brother of a third and was one year away from a teaching degree. I know not all teachers are leftists, but they do have to teach the curriculum over which they may not have control, so please, any teacher that reads this, don’t say I don’t know what I’m talking about.  If you’re on our side, please try to influence your students in what’s right and good.


2 Responses to “The Nanny State knows what’s best for our children, so sit down and shut up”

  1. hoosierarmymom said

    This is something Ogre (a blogger who quit blogging in February out of disgust) has posted about many times. He is a former Marine, IT guy who lives in the Charlotte area. My heart aches for my freedom loving friend. But obviously, I understand where he’s coming from.

    ff, click on Ogre’s View on my blogroll and check out some of his posts on Government schools and why home schools seem to threaten liberal agendas. He is a passionate believer in keeping kids out of government schools and a good ole Libertarian. You love his blog posts. I just wish he’d go back to it again, I miss his insights.

  2. Thanks, I’ll check out Ogre. I saw a documentary years ago (20?) where the education dept was working with industry to create inessence drones that will work for little, and not be intelligent enough to know they wer being practically enslaved. They’ve succeeded partially, but didn’t take into consideration the resistance the human spirit has against slavery. Given enough time, however, they will produce enough drones to do their bidding. Homeschooling forever… govt. schools NEVER!

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