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You’re the President now, Mr. Obama.

Posted by foundersfreedom on March 11, 2009

As justification for immediately breaking yet another campaign promise, The Prez will sign a pork-laden spending bill, while purportedly “holding his nose,” because this is a hold-over from the past year’s budget.  Mr. Obama, Geo. Bush is gone and for the last 2 years both houses of Congress, who wrote this bill by the way, are in your party.  

Mr. Obama, YOU are the President now and that means that you’ll actually have to make decisions and take actions.  Lofty prompter-assisted speeches are not going to sustain you for long.  Votes of “present” are not acceptable. You are not in Chicago anymore. 

When your appeasment of terrorists fails I can’t wait to hear your excuse when we get hit again.  As businesses close their doors due to your tax increases and proposed energy cost increases  and unionization through Cardcheck, YOU will be held accountable. 

You are the leader of the free world – act like it. Yes, we know you inherited a bad situation, but you ran for this office and told people you can handle it.  You have a lot to prove to about half of this country and it’s not looking too good for you.


2 Responses to “You’re the President now, Mr. Obama.”

  1. Rick said

    When Obama’s lips are moving, he is lying.
    His heartfelt promises of fiscal responsiblity coming back to Washington? Gone.
    His heartfelt promises to remove pork from the budget process. Gone.
    This guy is a blatant fraud, and ONLY we Conservatives are holding him to account.
    The MSM ought to be screaming, if they weren’t so in his pocket.

    The CASUAL manner with which he dismissed his signing of the bill is reprehensible.
    That he blames this atrocity on President Bush is despicable.

    This fool is good for one term only. But the amount of damage he will do in these 4 years make me shudder.

  2. Rick, thanks for the comment. Our job is to replace the fake conservatives with real conservatives in 2010. I hope it’s not too late even by then. Please find a group that is doing something if you haven’t already. I’ve recently joined a Fair Tax group, a John Birch Society group, the Cincinnati Tea Party group and even a Glenn Beck meetup group. Keep up the fight! ff

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