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Who gives you the right?

Posted by foundersfreedom on March 3, 2009

I just got this from a contact with a local John Birch Society member. 
He asks the question, “who gives our rights?”  All emphasis is mine.

Did you know that nowhere in the United States Constitution as well as any of the 50 State Constitutions, is the word democracy written. There was a reason for this. I would also ask you this; who gives you your rights? Does the Bill of Rights guarantee you your rights? Does government? Do the courts give us our rights? Hardly! Thomas Jefferson said: “They [the judges] are … in fact the corps of sappers and miners, steadily working to undermine the independent rights of the States and to consolidate all power in the hands of that government in which they have so important a freehold estate. “

Stewart Rhodes, a fellow ex-paratrooper who was honorably discharged, who left Ft. Lewis shortly before I got there notes: “Rights come first, and then government is created to protect them, not the other way round. This is something modern political and legal elites want us to forget. They don’t believe in inalienable, natural rights that are ours by virtue of ‘nature and nature’s God.” Instead, they share the view of Karl Marx, that such “rights” are merely artificial political/legal constructs, that man is just an infinitely malleable animal (to be shaped by social engineers), with no inherit rights whatsoever, and your only “rights” are whatever society wants to “give” you. Black’s law dictionary defines this as “positive law” – man made law – as opposed to natural law.

That’s a question I don’t believe I’ve heard since the tempestuous Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings.  The eradication of religious discussion and reference from public discourse has made it a red herring for too many politicians, including those who profess to hold those values “dear.”  Will we ever be able to again ask this question and discuss it with civility?  Sadly, I believe we’re too post-modern/christian to see that day.  The wrongly applied separation of church and state has been fully co-opted by the Left creating such a stigma that most in any position to reinforce those rights are reluctant, if not actually afraid, to instigate such a discussion. 

Human nature, without Godly direction through that still small voice, is destined to fall deeper and deeper into base selfishness, leading to steeper and steeper decline.  Without a true spiritual revival, our rights and freedoms that we’ve enjoyed up until now will continue to erode.  Socialism gives way to Marxism , which gives way to Communism – a godless dictatorial society. 

America, without a real “change” – one of the heart, that is our future.


7 Responses to “Who gives you the right?”

  1. cmblake6 said

    Very VERY good FF. Impressed. Keep writing like that!

  2. hoosierarmymom said

    Amen FF! Outstanding piece.

  3. Thanks to both. Hoosierarmymom, I recently thanked cmblake above for his service and I want to thank you for raising a quality citizen who steps up to do what few others choose to do. We the People DO understand the risk and sacrifice. I’m honored to have both as “friends.”ff

  4. hoosierarmymom said

    FF, that is hitting me close to my heart. My greatest fear is that my grandchildren will someday live in the same misery that many who came to this country after WWII spoke of. Those people risked life and limb to escape the downtrodden societies that Socialism and the advent of Communism (since they become ripe for the power brokers to move in and take charge), dominate. Just watching what North Korean’s have to do to watch movies the government doesn’t want them to see, etc should alert people to the danger! But the blind sheeple elected this monster “community planner”… a term his buddy Saul Alinsky coined. Does anybody read or research things in our society???

    By the way, the other day I missed the reference to “paratrooper”. My oldest son is Army Airborne (a rigger at Ft. Bragg), and may be in Afghanistan before summer. It makes me sick to see him serving under a CNC that has so blatantly disrespected our military! Thank you for your service.

  5. That was from a contact from the John Birch Society, not from me.
    I haven’t served in the military, he had. Thanks go to you and your son. I, along with my family, pray daily for our soldiers and their families at home. You are not alone. WE also have to stay in this fight so that our brave soldiers are not fighting in vain. ff

  6. God bless you! Our rights are indeed bestowed by God himself and therefore not up for debate. I pray for the day that the world will see what a mess has been made out of removing God from society. It has been an utter horror to see my beloved country turn to the Molech-type fanaticism-especially in terms of abortion-that hasn’t been seen since Biblical times. May God have mercy on our souls.

    Dena Leichnitz

    P.S. Thank you for adding me to your blogroll. I will add you to mine as well.

  7. Thank you, Dena. I long for the day when more blacks / African Americans will see the destruction that has been wrought by the welfare state that continues the abomination of slavery, only in different form. We need you out there. Love to read your stuff. Keep up the good work.

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