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Get a load of this – HuffPo article says Republicans got preferential treatment from self-censoring journalists! What a riot!

Posted by foundersfreedom on February 24, 2009

This comes from the Huffington Post, that wealth of “information.”  (To know the mind of the insane, scroll through the comments of any story on HuffPo) This story covers up through 2004, and these people say it’s still the order of the day! Wow! What newscasts are they watching?

The three major broadcast networks favored Republicans in elections from 1992 to 2004, according to a study that analyzed presidential campaign coverage.

That effect was largely due to journalists censoring their own reporting out of frustration at being accused of a liberal bias, according to Maria Elizabath Grabe, associate professor in the Department of Telecommunications at Indiana University College Of Arts and Sciences, who co-authored “Image Bite Politics: News And The Visual Framing Of Elections” (Oxford University Press) with fellow academic Erik Bucy.

Grabe and Bucy examined 62 hours of network news coverage – 178 newscasts – between Labor Day and Election Day over four elections and examined the visual coverage, including such package techniques as the “lip-flap shot – when a reporter’s voice is heard over video of the candidate, which tends to be unflattering for that candidate.

They also examined the “Goldilocks effect” – which party gets the last say in a piece and is better remembered by viewers.

According to their research, Democrats were more likely to be the subject of the unflattering “lip-flap” effect while GOP candidates had the last say in every election but 2004. In 1996, Republicans got the final say eight times as many times as Democrats.

I guess since they were so oppressed up until that point, they decided to pull out all the stops in this past campaign as so many were obviously totally in the tank for the O.


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