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Sen. Kyl to host Wilders and Fitna!

Posted by foundersfreedom on February 23, 2009



Support free speech. Support Geert Wilders.  This is a brave man.  Under 24 hour protection for a short film showing actual Islamists quoting verses from their own “religion,” he was refused entry into the UK just a few days ago for fear of disrupting community cohesion.

This Thursday Mr. Wilders will screen his film, Fitna, on Capitol Hill.  At least John Kyl understands free speech must be defended.  We shall watch to see who might step up to try to stop it.  We will take names.

See the film at this link at  Do it. It’s only about 15 minutes.  You will likely be surprised at how low-key it really is and that it could cause such a stir.

Remember, these are Koranic verses spoken by Muslim clerics, not by some Islamophobe.  If there’s a problem, it’s with the Koran and its fundamentalist adherents, not Mr. Wilders.


5 Responses to “Sen. Kyl to host Wilders and Fitna!”

  1. Benedictos Mohamad said

    Read The Unguilty Geert Wilders


  2. Benedictos Mohamad said


    plz Support us in our fighting anti shari3a



  3. I joined the fight over a year ago and would be happy to stand shoulder to shoulder with you. God (Yahweh, not Allah) himself gave us free will to accept or deny him with an eternal reward for one decision and eternal damnation for the other. To live where militant, fundamentalist Islamists force one to choose Allah and Mohammed (the way THEY see them) or die, is a horrific existence and seen everyday by those in areas of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and sadly, Iraq and beyond. My children will only live like that over my dead body.

  4. donny2811 said

    For a good insight into the realities and Wilders’ case from the Dutch themselves, go to, it is in English.

  5. donny2811 said

    The Wilders’ story is clear, just ask the Dutch themselves. For a clearer picture of the issues at hand, click the link.

    Geert Wilders is more interested in being seen as the saviour of Holland than anything else. His attempts to be a part of mainstream politics failed so he simply found his own party and looked for a radical fringe element to follow him. His background, motives are more than suspicious and his process follows classic textbook radicalism – the lie, abusing context/creating fabrication and finally assuming the public is stupid.

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