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Patriotism is back in vogue

Posted by foundersfreedom on February 20, 2009


All the talk of nationalizing the banks, and reinstatement of the Fairness Doctrine by any name, and the assault on the taxpayers to reward irresponsible behavior has ushered in a renewed zeal for learning what our Constitution says and what the wise founding fathers intended with this experiment in liberty.  

My journey started years ago with a book by George Grant entitled ‘The Patriot’s Handbook’.  It’s a paperback of 464 pages by Cumberland House Publishing in Tennessee.  I got it from one of my heroe of the abortion fight, Randall Terry of Operation Rescue fame.  Randall was a good friend of my Pastor and frequently spoke at our church.  It was from him that I grew to love the greatness of America and caught a glimpse of what was coming down the pike if we didn’t wise up.  Sadly, he was right and that day has arrived.  I’m personally wiser, but the country as a whole is not.

A couple months ago, when I started my foundersfreedom blog, I thought that book to be a good place to start as we were still reeling from the election of a Marxist / Socialist as President.  The amount of wisdom contained in those pages from men who risked all for the dream of freedom for us two centuries later and beyond is humbling.  I’ve always considered myself to be intelligent, but I’m not worthy to hold the pen of many of those who wrote the arguments for or against rebellion to the King, for or against federalism, or any other heady subjects these great men tackled. Humbling indeed.

Most of us would consider the late, great Ronald Reagan to be the only true statesman in our lifetime (I’m 46).  We may be missing some others due to the two party system that controls who goes where and does what.  One great orator that has gotten short shrift, which has denied us his wisdom, is Alan Keyes.  Keyes is a true patriot that is not afraid to speak of the moral foundations upon which this great country was founded.  Grant included a Lincoln’s Day speech in ‘The Patriot’s Handbook’ that you may enjoy.  It’s long and I’m not that great of a typist, so I’ve excerpted it.  The premise was the abortion debate and my editing skipped some of his salient points, but the message of general responsibility is clear.

Though this speech was given in 1996 or earlier, it is quite prescient for today.  

“America has once again arrived at a momentous crossroads.  We are going to have to decide – as we have had to many times in the past – whether we shall only speak of justice and speak of principle, or whether we will stand and fight for them. We are going to have to decide whether we will quote the words of the Declaration of Independence with real conviction, or whether we shall take that document and throw it on the ash heap of history as we adopt the message of those who insist that we stand silent in the face of injustice.

When it comes to decideing whether we shall stand by the great principle that declares that all human beings are “created equal” and “endowed by our Creator” with the “right to life,” it seems to me there is no choice for silence. 

In the public arena, there are innumerable spokesmen clamoring for public attention today. whether from the Right or the Left, the focus and crux of their message is basically the same.  They talk about money. they talk about budgets, deficits, gross national products, and trade imbalances. “It’s the economy, stupid,” is their mantra.

Why is it we spend so much money dealing with welfare and illegitimacy?  Why is it we spend so much money dealing with crime and violence in our streets? Why is it even that we spend so much money dealing with the problems of irresponsible behaviors that contribute to the decline of the health of this nation? I think you know in your heart what the real answer is.

We don’t have money problems. We have moral problems.  And it is time we stood up and faced that truth.

We are going to have to find the courage one of these days to tell people that freedom is not an easy discipline.  Freedom is not a choice for those who are  lazy in their heart and in their respect for their own moral capacities.

Freedom requires that at the end of the day, we accept the constraint that is required, the respect for the laws of nature and nature’s God that say, unequivocally that our daughters do not have the right to do what is wrong, that our sons don’t have the right to do what is wrong.  We do not have the right to steal bread from the mouths of the innocent, they do not have the right to steal the life from the womb of the unborn. 

Look at what is happening in the streets of our cities.  Look at what is happening to our families today.  Do you think that the decline of marriage and the moral dissolution of the family is a money problem?  Or do you think it is a problem coming from putting the self first, from deciding that there are no obligations that have to be respected, and that at the end of the day freedom is just another kind of empty licentiousness?

So why is it that out of the mouths of all our contemporary statesmen we hear all kinds of great emotional words, slogans, and soundbites – but not the simple truths that our founders from Washington and Jefferson to Lincoln and all of their successors spoke right up until we got to our own cowardly times? Whatever became of the undiluted message of true freedom?

We are not going to remain a free people if we insist on being a corrupt and licentious people.  We are not going to remain a free people if we arrogate to ourselves the right to destroy the rights of others. 

That moral identity can unite us across every line of race and color and creed, so long as we have the courage to stand for it.

And I think you know by now, looking at the overall dismal state of our culture, that if we abandon that line of principle, there is little hope left for America.

At every point in our history when we have had the choice between right and wrong, in the end we have chosen what is right, For that we can certainly be grateful.  But, I believe we shall do it again.  I believe we shall do it again because deep down we know that the real heroes in America are those who, in their daily lives, respect the truth that we must meet the obligations and sacrifices of freedom before we claim its privileges and benefits.  Deep down we know that come what may – even if we must sacrifice in our personal lives – we have to stand where our Founders stood: on the belief that no one has the right to do what is wrong, that if we build self-government on a true adherence to the principles of justice, then we shall hold up a beacon of right and hope for all of humankind to understand the true destiny of mankind.” 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Alan Keyes


4 Responses to “Patriotism is back in vogue”

  1. cmblake6 said

    This man is indeed the one who should have won that position. Or at the very minimum he should have been in a highly placed position in a conservative government. We are in so much doodoo now, we can only hope they step on themselves SO badly the left can’t rig it enough to stay in power. And you know they’re trying to set it to where they maintain an indestructible power base. If they mess it up BAD enough it may lead to 1776 v2.0.

  2. Cmblake6, hope it’s OK I edited your comment only slightly to keep it family-friendly. But you’re right, we can hope that they overstep, as I believe they’re doing now, and the pendulum will swing back the other way. If not, it’s good to know that their side hates guns and ours doesn’t! 🙂 The Founding Fathers knew that your v2.0 could be a possibility as they cautioned that such a thing could happen by doing exactly what Obama (and the rest of Washington) is doing today.

  3. hoosierarmymom said

    And I thought editing a Marine was a task! LOL!!! Just kidding CM. Good post, nice blog, think I’ll add you to my blogroll!!!

    Alan Keyes should have been on the ballot for all those who appreciate true Reagan style values and conservatism. The corrupt media wasn’t havin it though.

  4. Thanks, “Mom.”

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