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This is how far we’ve come…

Posted by foundersfreedom on February 16, 2009

…and where will it end?  Can’t we be responsible for anything ourselves?  America, what are you doing? The socialists / Marxists may have completed their take-over of America.  Or at least the majority.  40 years of schools that indoctrinate vs. educate, programs for every type of irresponsibility and now geographical bailouts.  People in Kentucky get ice storms every winter. To expect the rest of the country to pay for their generators is indicative of where we are or at least heading fast.  This kind of stuff used to come from one of the coasts – not middle America.   

From an email I received not long ago:

In light of the recent storms and power outages throughout the state, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has asked the Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development to help distribute the following information to Kentucky businesses:


There are reports circulating that FEMA or the American Red Cross will reimburse individuals who purchase generators. This is untrue.

 Under Kentucky’s current emergency declaration, individuals and households are not eligible for generator reimbursement, and there is no guarantee that they will be reimbursed for these expenses. 

 Despite this fact, Kentuckians should do the prudent thing and save receipts. They may need them, as well as other documentation and photos of damage, for their insurance companies.

FMA and Kentucky Emergency Management expect that people may have suffered damage to their home or property, losses due to power outages, or spent their money for emergency lodging or equipment, such as a personal generator.

 It is very important that they keep receipts and contact their insurance company right away.

 For additional information, visit FEMA’s website at



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