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This one’s for all you “womens’ rights” activists – your sisters need you!

Posted by foundersfreedom on February 15, 2009


Remember Amina and Sarah Said, just wanting to be free to live – killed by their father and brother for hanging with infidels.  Mother said nothing.


Aqsa Parvaz, teenager killed by her father for not wearing the hijab

It’s too late for these women and young girls, but there are millions worldwide looking and waiting for you to help them.

But, of course, in America womens’ rights refer mostly to having the right to abort their unborn children. I’m Sorry that our liberals / feminists are such hypocrites.  If it weren’t for talk radio and the right wing blogs few would know this goes on.

Sorry to you  young ladies in Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan that the left in America undermined the war effort that looks to save you from the barbarians that throw acid on you as you walk to school.  But the left here is more concerned about other things, like granting rights to those that do these awful things, nationalizing the economy and gaining poilitical power.

Please go to Atlasshrugs to see those in the WEST that are being killed because they are insubordinate to their husbands or that just want to live free.  The dozens of faces at this link are a solemn reminder that the world is a mean place, and America is the only true friend of the oppressed, despite the contentions of the left.


One Response to “This one’s for all you “womens’ rights” activists – your sisters need you!”

  1. kope187 said

    Exactly. I completely agree with you. I wrote a blog, well I have several and they are very controversial and it pisses people off which is fun, but I wrote one asking people how the USA has affected you. People claim we butt into everyone’s business, but how has that negatively affected you or your country and I have yet to get a response. I spent a lot of time in Iraq and those people are scared to death that we are going to leave. Anyway I like what you had to say.

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