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Read it and LEAP – $trillion “stimulus” nets you $13 per week – what a bargain!

Posted by foundersfreedom on February 12, 2009

Snag in the final “stimulus” bill – from Fox:

The $500-per-worker credit for lower- and middle-income taxpayers that Obama outlined during his presidential campaign was scaled back to $400 during bargaining by the Democratic-controlled Congress and White House. Couples would receive $800 instead of $1,000. Over two years, that move would pump about $25 billion less into the economy than had been previously planned.
Less money for us to control.

Officials estimated it would mean about $13 a week more in people’s paychecks when withholding tables are adjusted in late spring. Critics say that’s unlikely to do much to boost consumption. 
$1.2 trillion nets the average taxpayer $52 / month to control for themselves.

Millions of people receiving Social Security benefits would get a one-time payment of $250 under the agreement, along with veterans receiving pensions, and poor people receiving Supplemental Security Income payments.
Big bucks here!

An additional $46 billion would go to transportation projects such as highway, bridge and mass transit construction; many lawmakers wanted more.
Wasn’t this what we were told the “stimulus” was for?

 In late-stage talks, Obama and Reid, D-Nev., pressed for $8 billion to construct high-speed rail lines, quadrupling the amount in the bill that passed the Senate on Tuesday.  Reid’s office issued a statement noting that a proposed Los Angeles-to-Las Vegas rail might get a big chunk of the money.
Don’t go thinking this is a pork project to help Los Angelistas to get to Senate President Reid’s Nevada casinos.  It’s not.  As Pres. Obama said, this is a spending bill … not pork.

 But Senate Republican negotiators insisted that no separate funds for new school construction be created that could become permanent federal funds.
This disagreement could set back plans to hold a final vote in the Senate as early as Thursday night. Democratic aides told FOX News a vote could instead come early Friday morning, or even Saturday. 
School funding, etc. is the responsibility of STATES.  Republicans want to keep it that way.  Obviously the Dems want the Federal government to control all of education including construction. They’ve done such a great job so far.

 But nothing could shake negotiators from insisting on including $70 billion to shelter middle- to upper-income taxpayers from the alternative minimum tax, originally passed a generation ago to make sure the super-rich didn’t avoid taxes.
Out of principle, no doubt.  Couldn’t be that they and too many of their friends are now subject to it.

Okay, I did the math.  $1.2 trillion divided by 250,000,000 ( for the typical Obama voters – that’s 250 million) people who live here, equals $4800 per man, woman, and child.  With the big tax $13 / week cut you get it, it will take you 7.69 years to reach $4800.  That’s without any tax increases or taking into account any inflation, which certainly couldn’t occur as the Fed prints hundreds of billions of paper money to cover this “job creation bill.”   

That fits well with former too-close-too-being-President John Kerry who said on the floor of the Senate during the debate,

 “I’ve supported many tax cuts over the years, and there are tax cuts in this proposal. But a tax cut is non-targeted.
If you put a tax cut into the hands of a business or family, there’s no guarantee that they’re going to invest that or invest it in America.
They’re free to go invest anywhere that they want if they choose to invest.” 

He also said there’s no guarantee they (we) will invest it where the government wants them (us) to. These serial mismangers who screw up everything they touch don’t want us to be in control of our money.  Pure arrogance.
Sad thing is, he’s just the one that said out loud what many in Washington think and believe.

These people have got to be stopped and then REMOVED from office.  Go to or other and join the Resistance.
We’ve got to get active and get busy.


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