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Free Speech banned from the UK!

Posted by foundersfreedom on February 12, 2009


Geert Wilders, the bravest man on the planet!

The UK has detained the great Mr. Wilders as he attempted to enter fora screening of his “controversial,” yet true, film on the fascist ideology that is fundamental Islam.

The full story is here at the UK’s Daily Mail.

The Home Office said: ‘The Government opposes extremism in all its forms.

‘It will stop those who want to spread extremism, hatred and violent messages in our communities from coming to our country and that was the driving force behind tighter rules on exclusions for unacceptable behaviour that the Home Secretary announced in October last year.

‘Liberal Democrat home affairs spokesman Chris Huhne said: ‘Freedom of speech is our most precious freedom of all, because all the other freedoms depend on it.

‘But there is a line to be drawn even with freedom of speech, and that is where it is likely to incite violence or hatred against someone or some group.

‘Where there is risk of harm to others, there has to be some limit.

‘Having watched Geert Wilders’ movie Fitna, with its raw and emotional appeals to anti-Islamic feeling and its shocking images of violence, there is no doubt in my mind that he has overstepped the line that should be defended in a civilised society and that the Home Secretary’s ruling is right.’

This is justification?  To SPEAK the truth of the Koranically mandated Islamo-fascism of fundamental Islam is the EQUIVALENT of threatening to destroy the West and “strike terror in the hearts of unbelievers?”  Multi-culturalism is a disease and will be the death of freedom in the UK and, if not squashed, here in the US as we have been, and continue to, walk down the same road.




On the other side we hear:

 Terry Sanderson said: ‘It may be a controversial opinion but he is entitled to express it.
‘We think that the wrong people are being targeted here because the reason they have given for refusing him entry is that it may result in some kind of public disturbance. (And for good reason as we saw the London Police running away from the supporters of the Palestinians during their protests last month.) See the video from a previous post here – it will sicken you!)

‘We think that is not a good enough reason.

‘It’s very disturbing that they are prepared to do this just on the basis that somebody might object.’

And just look at those they HAVE let in…

The Home Secretary may consider Geert Wilders too much of a threat to public safety to be allowed into Britain. But by contrast, these are some of the characters who have been let in:


Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, 82

Egyptian-born Muslim cleric Yusuf Al-Qaradawi
Visited London in 2004 at the invitation of Ken Livingstone, then the city’s mayor, who considered him a ‘progressive force for change’.
Egyptian-born spiritual leader of Muslim Brotherhood, which embraces the Hamas organisation that controls Gaza.
Has justified suicide bombing, which he calls martyrdom, and the killing of Israeli women and children, on the grounds that they are ‘militarised’.

Couldn’t happen here? Check out my recent post here and here at World Net Daily.
Without free speech are we really free?



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