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Fitna, the Movie – see it before it’s gone forever due to the Islamic assault on free speech.

Posted by foundersfreedom on February 12, 2009

This one’s for you, Geert Wilders.  The bravest man on the planet.  Keep on speaking the truth.

Couldn’t get it on Live Leak anymore – probably had more death threats from the Religion of Peace.

So, see Fitna, the Movie at Jihadwatch NOW!  Islam hates the truth of exposure to their hate-filled Koran.  The verses and words spoken in this movie are theirs, not Geert’s.  People wake up to the threat that is fundamentalist Islam!

Go to and review the “in your face” protests for the Palestinians.  See my previous post  for the video of London police running from these barbarians on the streets of London!

As Britain, and so soon will Barack Hussein Obama, capitulates to threats of violence against simply viewing a movie, the jihadis smell blood and it’s ours.  We The People, thru Obama,  have just handed 20 million dollars to Gaza / Hamas for “needs and migration.”  How many Hamas suppoerters will be allowed to migrate here – ON OUR TAB?!  Who’s in charge of checking out those that would come here? We’ll never know unless there’s another attack here.  With Obama appeasing and playing nice, they’ll play him like a fiddle.  8 years of safetyunder Bush could be undone in a few short weeks by the new President. 

God have mercy on the United States!


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