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“Climate Change” and the National Sec. Council – a match made only in Obamaland

Posted by foundersfreedom on February 8, 2009


               “See this flag right back here?  It represents a racist, imperialist and greedy country.  This is what too much freedom will do for you.  I was elected to change all that.”  

The Leftist/ Marxist Obama is wasting no time expanding the scope and size of the National Security Council. Adding infrastructure, “climate change” and nation-building to the scope.  We know how well nation-bulding has worked out since Clinton and Bush tried them.  But of course, just like socialism, these people only think it’s failed is because they haven’t tried it. And natural, cyclical changes in weather is now a security issue, but not the al-Qaedas in Gitmo.Wow, this change is amazing.  In the two weeks since his ascendance the weather is a bigger threat than Islamic terrorists.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama plans to expand the membership of the National Security Council and increase its authority to set strategy on a wide range of domestic and international issues, The Washington Post reported on Saturday, quoting his national security adviser.

 The council, which was established after World War Two to advise U.S. presidents on military and diplomatic matters, would become “dramatically different” after the overhaul, national security adviser James Jones told the paper in an interview.

 “The world that we live in has changed so dramatically in this decade that organizations that were created to meet a certain set of criteria no longer are terribly useful,” Jones, a retired Marine general, was quoted as saying.  That’s probably true, since it appears an enemy of freedom is occupying the White House. 

 He said sections of the government not traditionally part of the council would be brought in on a case-by-case basis — he named the Energy Department, Commerce Department and Treasury, and all the law enforcement agencies, including the Drug Enforcement Administration. That, my friends, is a classic EXPANSION of government.  Give as many agencies power in areas they haven’t historically been given.  Redundancy with liberals is not a problem.  It ensures all aspects of life have at least one agency ready to regulate and interfere. 

 “New NSC directorates will deal with such department-spanning 21st-century issues as cyber security, energy, climate change, nation-building and infrastructure,” the Post said. (my italics) The climate change fraud gets elevated to a national security issue. Maybe they’re now thinking the cooling that’s been going on for the last decade is a bigger threat to us than the global warming hoax.  This is for our own good, don’t you know?!

(Reporting by Mohammad Zargham; Editing by Peter Cooney)

Even if the typical Obama voter didn’t know where he came from or cared where he plans to take us, there are 50,000,000 people who DO know.  Now that it appears the Republicans seem to have gotten the message, we need to keep the pressure on them to continue to fight for America. 

The Resistance is getting bigger and wiser and more active.  The lessons learned from the Obama campaign has awakened us from our busyness and complacency.  They were organized and motivated.  The speed at which this is happening in the Resistance is quite impressive and heartening.  We obviously will not give up without a fight.  To join, go to or any number of others and get in the fight!  

 Jones said the new structure would be outlined in a presidential directive, probably in the coming week.


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