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My ears are burning!

Posted by foundersfreedom on January 29, 2009



The intolerant left can’t handle the Republicans making a stand against President Obama, placing ALL success or failure squarely at the feet of the Dems.  They believed, as did I, and I’m still not convinced this is a real shift back to their roots, that the Republicans were no longer a force to be reckoned with.  How can this be in the era of nefarious change and hope that the dead party could do this.  After all (barely) over half the country wanted this.

Their mistake is in believing that America wanted what Obama would propose over that which he was selling.  Hope and change didn’t mean socialism, trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see, and far left environmental and social policies.  They just wanted GW Bush out. 

The Dems think the era of Reagan is over and they’re right. He’s dead.  However, his principles were American through and through.  He knew government was the problem, not the answer.  He knew that the bigger a government gets, the more oppressive it becomes.  He knew that the American people were the most industrious, most benevolent citizens on Earth and would / could weather what troubles came their way.  Reagan won his landslide by extolling American virtues and strengths and made us proud of who we were.

 Yes, the Republican party is tattered and torn.  Is it dead as a national party? Perhaps.  But the traditions they once held as their platform, and generally still do, are timeless American traditions; smaller government, freedom of self-determination, the right to be born.  Those can easily be transferred to another party. Remember the Right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness?  THOSE are bi-partisan.  At least in earlier, more civil times they were.

The Dems have tried, and very successfully I might add, to split Americans every which way through race , socio-economic standing, age, religion or lack of, and any other way they could.

Through government give-aways using our tax dollars, the Dems are trying to insure they are the majority for decades to come.  They have enslaved the black population by giving them just enough to subsist and stay in the ghettos without offering them a way out on their own.  After 60 years of promises, they face the same struggles.  And still 90% of the black vote goes to the Democrats.  The black Republicans that make it to national status are ripped apart and beaten up in the complicit media for the sole reason that they credit their own will and hard work as the path to their success.  Liberal blacks get committee chairmanships and accolades.

The Dems are trying very hard to swell their ranks by legalizing illegal immigrants with an amnesty bill which will inevitably make them eligible for benefits, and thus, beholden to and enslaved by them also.  California is already reeling from the costs of giving them benefits and Pelosi, Reid and Company want to make sure the rest of us share our incomes with them too. California, if they haven’t already done so, will soon give them the right to vote through motor voter laws that do not verify their right to do so.  Rules schmules.  It’s about “empowerment.”  Yes, for the Dems.

The intolerant left will continue to vilify us, call us all kinds of names and question our IQs.  They will call us partisan, though they rule with an iron fist.  They will continue to abuse the court system with activist judges because so many of their initiatives are contrary to the voters’.   They will denigrate our parents, our religion if it isn’t inclusive of practitioners of sin and death, and even our love affair with Mayberryesque Americana.  That’s OK.  We’re bigger than that.

There’s a good chance that major harm will be done to the fabric of America by the time Obama leaves office after 4 or 8 years, but the resulting mess will require leaders.  Leaders that will once again extol the greatness of America, not her blemishes.  Leaders that will once again call for the people to join as Americans, not special interest groups.  Leaders that, quite frankly, act like Ronald Reagan – a Republican I might add.


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