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Republicans found a backbone! How long will they keep it?

Posted by foundersfreedom on January 28, 2009

UPDATE: 1 hour later

OK, I was a little too happy considering the Dems just voted to give away $850 billion of our hard earned money.  But doggone it the Rs didn’t fall, again, for the “bi-partisan bullcrap the Dems speak of.  Out here in the heartland know that bi-partisanship means going along with the Dems and never the other way. Obama asked the Republicans to join him, the Dems told the Republicans to sit in the back and shut up.

Can we, even if it’s just for a moment, believe that all Republican Senators and a few Democrat Senators will stop this in it’s tracks? Please Resistors, call them and call them repeatedly and get your friends to call them!  Of course many of these guys/ women voted to confirm a tax cheat for chief tax collector and we need to slap them for that. One can hope!

Yes, we’ve taken 2 beatings these last 2 elections, but America is worth fighting for. To get involved go to and join the Patriotic Resistance!

I guess I’m still excited by this shocking turn of events.  Better late than never, Republicans! See what happens when you listen to Rush, the man who speaks for millions (and I’ll go so far to say the majority of )  of your voters.
Original post:

 I can hardly express my joy and disbelief over the Republicans unanimously voting against this pork bill that mostly serves the Dems and their social engineering agenda, and not the American people as a whole.  Even NBC’s reporter that I watched stated that there was lots of money going to liberal pet projects. Wow, what got into them? Why this sudden brush with the truth?

Even though it passed with no Republican votes, since elections do have consequences, the Republicans will have no responsibility as this so called stimulus fails as it always has in the past.  We see how well the bank bailout is working out. 

Thank you for seeing the light and hearing the voice of your people.

This is just the first battle of many.  We will support you if you do the right thing.  Remember, we’re done with having the occasional bone thrown to us to keep us clinging on . Revert to the ways of the last 6 years and we’ll move toward replacing your party with one that is responsive.   

More after I find out all the details. (And after I take my kids sledding in all this globally warmed ice and snow)


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