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Obama’s unity, harmony and “post-partisanship” in action – tells GOP “I won,” bipartisanship remains as it always was – go along with the Dems.

Posted by foundersfreedom on January 24, 2009

The honeymoon over so soon?  We can only hope.  A few more comments like this and we’ll be back to where we should be.  A country divided by ideologies that are polar in nature.  Freedom and self-determination or infinitely shackled by a mammoth government.

The gloves came off quickly this week as Obama acted exactly as we knew he would.  Taxpayer funding of abortion in foreign countries, vowing to release murderous thugs intent on destroying us, (though not saying where they will go), adding more and more to the “stimulus” (which appears now to be a big pork bill to buy Dem votes 2 YEARS from now) that we were told was immediately necessary.  Hmmmm.

The post-partisan, unifying, and harmonizing President told GOP lawmakers to quit listening to Limbaugh, admit they lost and get in line.

This is the best news I’ve heard since the inauguration.  Should, and hopefully will, put some rigidity into the spines of the weak-kneed Republicans.

The real Obama is showing his true Chicago thug leftist colors.  Some Republicans, though too few, are resisting his current attempt to add even MORE to the “stimulus,” which again, the bulk is to be delayed until right before the next election.  In the spirit of “bi-partisanship” they are to lay down and play dead – yeah, just like the Dems did over the last 5 years!  Ripping our soldiers and president in wartime is not bi-partisan.    Hmmmm, again.

This is a must-read for those who are discouraged on our side and very much so for those that drifted over because of some nefarious desire for change that really didn’t think this was the change they voted for.  The Dems are back in their heyday – full power and the will to stick it in the face of Republicans.

From the NY Post: 


Whether you like Rush or not, this IS a divided country along very strong lines.  If Obama wants to get some things done he’d better show his willingness to reach across the aisle.  Something Dems only do when they have a big club in their hands


5 Responses to “Obama’s unity, harmony and “post-partisanship” in action – tells GOP “I won,” bipartisanship remains as it always was – go along with the Dems.”

  1. Catherine said

    That is absolutely and categorically false. Bush spent his my way or the highway presidency shoving a ramrod down Democrats throats and look at what that got us.

  2. Catherine,
    If I recall, the Dems voted for the war and all the subsequent spending to continue it. Correct me if I’m wrong. Don’t tell me it’s because they were lied to. That’s a failed argument.. BC, HRC, John Kerry and so many others stated even BEFORE 9-11 that Hussein, not Barry, but Saddam, was a definite threat to us and the whole region. I’ll invest the time to get the quotes if you insist.

    Pres. Bush could not implement it without their votes. They were the majority for the last 2 years and had ample chances to stop it, but they knew it would be political suicide. Therein lies the quandary of the left. If they vote their consciences on the things of national security, the American people will come down on them like a brick.

  3. Catherine said

    FF, saying that Sadam was a threat is a far different thing than falsifying the British inteliigence of yellow cake from Niger that was used to convince Congress to go to war. Not even Colin Powell could refer to that joke when he went to the UN, so yes, Democrats and republicans were lied to by Bush, Cheney, Rice and even Colin Powell.

    President Bush campaigned for that ill begotten war, it was his, he owns it, he falsified the evidence, and he failed in the execution.

    As far as having “ample chances” to stop it, pulling out is far more f=difficult and any measure that they took, would have been vetoed and you know it.

  4. Ted said

    At least El Rushbo is constitutionally qualified to be President!

  5. Catherine,
    GW Bush has never denied responsibilty for the war. That’s what real men do.

    There were lots of shenanigans going on pre-war from State and the CIA, but I will not take the time here to post it.

    Read Ken Timmerman’s ‘Shadow Warriors’ and you will see where GWB’s war plans were sabotaged with the yellowcake information. Carl Levin, a Democrat, had inside sources in intel that told him the yellowcake story was a hoax. It was still believd to be true to the British intel the day of the speech. For totally political reasons the information was withheld from everyone in the administration.

    Doesn’t it seem odd that that info came out the day after the speech? Timmerman believes it was a total set-up and Bush stepped into the trap. The book is referenced with tons of footnotes, etc. so I took him at his word.

    If you read more of my posts you will see I’m no Republican shill. GWB did plenty of things wrong, but they would be the things you think he did right. Like expand govt. entitlements. Fighting Islamic terrorists on their own soil is not wrong. The way it was fought is up for debate.

    All Nancy Pelosi had to do to stop it was to withhold the funding with her majority. As I mentioned, they couldn’t do it politically.

    I’m very thankful that we have not been attacked again all these years. You have to admit that in the days after 9-11 we couldn’t imagine that another attack wasn’t imminent. He did what he thought was best for us. What was he to gain by going into an unnecessary war?

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