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More of the same (actually, worse) from the Man of Change!

Posted by foundersfreedom on January 23, 2009

So it appears that Timothy Geithner will be an historic appointment, too.
The first ever black President will have the first ever admitted tax cheat for TREASURY of all places.

He willfully cheated, was caught in half of it, paid that half, was compensated to pay the other half, promised to do so and then didn’t

Yes, you’re right, we would have been pursued, persecuted, and prosecuted for doing just what he did, but he’ll be in charge of “fixing” the economic mess that he helped create. He had a hand in the first bank payout scheme and now he’s in position to do the $trillion pork-fest that O’s about to “bestow” upon us from his benevolence (and our pockets).

But as I mentioned in this post, since he is a Democrat, it was an honest little mistake, not rising to the level of (insert offense here – perjury, theft, treason, tax evasion).  This is a shameless party.  “It’s the power, stupid” should be their mantra.

And now, the loser Republicans in the Senate will vote him through because the “new President desrves to have the people he wants to pursue his policies.”  How often do the Dems give a Republican a QUALITY appointment without first digging back to junior high school disciplinary reports?  Wake up, Republicans, before you are co-conspirators in the demise of this great land!  Get some backbone just this once and start to make REAL CHANGE in Washington.

And yes, Hank Paulson is a Democrat.  You know, the one Congress gave unprecedented authority to pay off the Wall Street buddies who were about to collapse.  And that was due to..? The housing bubble created by …?  Jimmy Carter, exacerbated by Bill Clinton and fully protected and nurtured by Barney Frank, the leading Democrat on the banking committee.  The Republicans on several occasions warned of the impending crisis with Fannie and Freddie, but Bawney led the charge against doing anything about it.

And we just gave the reins of control completely over to these people.  Elections have consequences and the igorant among us will not learn so the informed need to get organized and fast.  To join the informed go to and join the Resistance!

I’m not going to link to any article since they are abundant everywhere.

Go find one and read it.


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