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Yep, missed it all.

Posted by foundersfreedom on January 20, 2009

And a good day it was.

I heard the occasional reports on my computer as I worked to support all the sacrifices the new President has asked told us we’ll have to make. Though I’ve yet to hear where the govt. agencies will have to sacrifice.  Perkaps I missed that when I exploded upon hearing that BO is going to add 600,000 jobs IN THE GOVERNMENT sector.  All to serve us better, I’m sure.

Sounds like all the sacrifice is coming from us folks.  Nothing new here, but oh so much more with all the bailouts and “stimulus” money being thrown around. 

I heard that the race issue is still alive and well from the mouth of Rev. Lowery. “Whites will do what’s right” or similar. Right after the first black President was sworn in that was voted into this position by millions of white Americans. Glad to know JJ and Al’s Travelling Fleecing Show will stay on the road.

BO, will restore our standing in the world?  How will he do that?  We will be waiting for the answer to that one (as everything else that he gives no specifics on). 

There is nothing wrong with our standing.  Other countries hate us either because they’re jealous of our prosperity, or that we make them feel inadequate when there’s a need around the world militarily (you know, we send 130,000 troops and they send 2000) or if there’s a humanitarian emergency, such as earthquake or tsunami and we outshine them all.  Still others hate us because our freedom and majority religion is “vile and corrupt” and needs to come under their religious authority. 

To me that means Pres. Obama  will have to lessen our prosperity, scale back our generosity to those in dire need around the world and submit to Islam.  I don’t like any of those options and neither will the rest of America if he tries to do that.  America is the light to the world and needs to make NO APOLOGIES!  He kinda did that on his “Love Me – The World Tour” this past summer.  Don’t apologize on the behalf of Americans, Mr. Obama.  

“We need to remake America.”  If he means get back to the government of our founding, I’m in.  But his past and his proposals are not looking too promising on that note.  Government takeover of industries, environmental shackles (“We can’t keep using the world’s resources” or some other garbage), remaining dependent on oil from our enemies. 

Yes, this is a new day for America.  But many of us out here, the 50+ millions that didn’t vote for nefarious change will work very hard to see that it is a good day and not ‘Ground Hog Day.’

By the way, did anyone thank Pres. Bush for the prevention of any terror attacks today (and the LAST 8 YEARS)?  The eyes of the world were on Washington and this would have been a primo target for impact.  Not a scuffle, and I’m sure, not a word of thanks.


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