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And a resignation will be forthcoming. Yeah, Right. This is a Democrat

Posted by foundersfreedom on January 20, 2009

Surprise, surprise, the article doesn’t say which party.  It’s a scandal and there’s no mention of the party affiliation – the perp’s a Democrat.  That and the fact he’s in DC for the coronation.

From Fox : Despite the rumors, Adams coasted to victory in his race, making Portland the largest U.S. city to ever elect an openly gay mayor. He was sworn in Jan. 1.

In his statement Monday, Adams apologized to the teen for making him lie about the relationship. He also apologized to colleagues and voters.

And here’s where the call would be for any Republican to be run out of town (and I agree with that) but we’ll hear crickets and then calls to “get back to the work of doing the people’s business.”  Nothing to see here.  Move along.

As frustrating as the double-standard is, I’m happy to be affiliated (less and less though) with a party that does have shame when it’s called for and will generally do the right thing.  Their biggest fault is in expecting the same from the other side.


7 Responses to “And a resignation will be forthcoming. Yeah, Right. This is a Democrat”

  1. sanityinthenorthwest said

    What party would do the right thing? Larry Craig’s party?

  2. foundersfreedom said

    When was the last time a Dem resigned for anything either criminal or unethical? I pay attention and can’t think of any. Their moral relativism has robbed them of their souls. Power uber alles.

  3. sanityinthenorthwest said

    What other reason would there be for someone to resign unless it was for something they did that was criminal or unethical? Larry Craig didn’t resign. Ted Stevens didn’t resign. Seemingly, you pay attention to only one party. How’s Bill O’Reilly doing these days?

  4. foundersfreedom said

    You will get no argument from me on corruption and moral offenses. What Larry Craig may have done is disgusting.

    What Ted Stevens did is disgusting. But he was run out of office. Both are paying the price for their transgressions politically and legally.

    Trent Lott was railroaded out of Senate leader for a benign comment about a 90 year old colleague. Rep. Livingston resigned the Speaker of the House during the impeachment for cheating on his wife.

    The disgusting Mark Foley was hung out to dry for his indiscretions (no actual crime was committed), but his replacement just had to feign remorse and continue on when he was caught messing around at the office.

    Name any Dem that gets more than a slap on the hand. Usually they’re elevated in the Dem party. Your friends in the other party do the same, and worse –

    Barney Frank – his boyfriend ran a gay brothel out of his appartment- nothing. Look it up if you’re too young to remember. Not to mention what he did with his buds at Fannie and Freddie to push this banking problem off the cliff.

    Bill Clinton committed perjury, but the party circled the wagons.

    Your new Treasury Sec. nominee cheated on his taxes, to the tune of $38,000, but that’s OK, he apologized and will be approved.

    Charlie Rangel evaded taxes on his beach house, not a word.

    Harry Reid had land deals that were quite shady a couple years ago. He just moved on, ignored it and is the Senate Majority leader.

    Diane Feinstein’s husband does lots of business in and with China and she is one of the biggest proponents of MFN staus for China.

    Bill Clinton has raised hundreds of millions of dollars from foreign entities and governments, yet Hillary will skate through with no restrictions on his further fundraising. Can you say “conflict of interest?”

    With a little more searching of my memory I could come up with many more, but this should suffice.

    I don’t watch much TV, so that affects me none. I’m quite capable of thinking and learning all by myself.

    Thanks for jogging my memory on all these. It strengthens my resolve to resist even more than I already plan to.

  5. […] And a resignation will be forthcoming. Yeah, Right. This is a Democrat […]

  6. sanityinthenorthwest said

    I’m not sure what you mean about Ted Stevens being run out of office. He ran for re-election and lost. And he was found guilty by a jury made up of people in his own state.

    I can name a Dem that got more than a slap on the hand; former New Jersey Governor James McGreevy. And I believe there is a story out of Illinois where a certain governor is facing an impending impeachment. So, it all sort of goes both ways.

    I am well aware of the Barney Frank situation. An investigation took place and he was reprimanded by the House. And, more importantly, the people he represents vote him back into office every two years.

    As for Bill Clinton, you are obfuscating what happened. He was impeached and then the Republican controlled Senate decided NOT to remove him from office. There were no “circling the wagons” on that one. Obviously, learning for yourself seems to not be working out too well for you.

    I’m not going to continue to on with this. I just like pointing out when people are sounding like lunatics. I’m not exactly sure how you plan to “resist”, but good luck with that.

  7. Ted Stevens was run out by those in HIS party by not voting for him. That doesn’t happen with Dems.

    And for the correct information on Clinton’s impeachment. The Republicans, by and large voted to convict him, but the Dems, while saying he was wrong and feigned disgust had enough votes to deny the conviction. He WAS impeached (with the help of the Dems), but not convicted. Nixon, as bad as everyone made him out to be, showed way more respect for the office than Clinton by resigning. Another example.

    That’s their MO – Public statements for the press and back to business as usual.

    OK so I said never – you did come up with 1. My mistake.

    By the way, the Reisitance just got a shot in the arm with the Uniter -and-not-divider’s comments yesterday to go along or get out of the way. Post-partisan was a bit premature, don’t you think? No surpise for the informed.

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