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Only in the Islamic world is a butt-whippin’ a victory!

Posted by foundersfreedom on January 19, 2009

“In the wake of the failure of the Zionist aggression on the Gaza Strip and its failure to impose its conditions on the resistance and our people, the Palestinian resistance groups announce a unilateral cease-fire in the Gaza Strip,” the statement read.

Yeah, Hamas will NOW announce a “unilateral cease-fire.”  Only as the IDF pulls back and appears to be leaving Gaza.  Brave people this Hamas.

Here’s the story from the Jerusalem Post

Why the Israelis are stopping is the question of the hour.  They have endured brutal and unfair criticism from all sides and now they pull back without finishing the job?  Everyone who knows anything about truces in the Islamic mind, at least the fundamentalists such as Hamas, Hezbollah, Al-Qaida, ISNA, MAS and others (I threw the last 2 in for free) know this is only to re-arm and go again.  Remember, Hamas’ charter specifically calls for Israel’s demise and destruction. 

Does anyone think it odd that Hamas is demanding opening the Gaza-Israeli border, but nary a word about opening the border with Egypt.  They are supposed to be their Muslim brothers, but shoot Palestinians who try to cross into Egypt.  Remember a few months ago when the Palis broke through the border fence into Egypt?  Egypt couldn’t get those fences mended FAST ENOUGH!  Where’s the outrage there? If the suffering is so terrible in Gaza, why won’t Egypt let them through?  Could it be the inherent problems that these people bring upon themselves by acting as they do?

Nah, it’s just us Zionists and Islamophobes spreading lies and terror against the hapless Palestinians.



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