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Celebrate Obama! Nah, don’t think so.

Posted by foundersfreedom on January 19, 2009

There’s nothing to see except the slobbering and swooning.  No substance – just like during the election.  Hollywood’s endorsement is tantamount to admitting this guy’s bad news, like many a liberal Democrat before him.  But never have I seen in my 46 years anything like the love fest for an empty suit like this. 

It’s become quite obvious how he won. 
1.  Didn’t say anything of substance.
2. Disavowed anybody anywhere that caused him trouble – even Grandma!
3. The blogosphere is loaded with lefties – when I started mine I thought I’d make a few friends, but whoa was I mistaken.  The Obama buzz here is unbelievable.  Hate to see what the hangover will be like. There will be one.
4. His followers (in the MSM and out), and I do mean followers in the biblical sense, trashed and degraded any and all opponents, be they political or ideological.  All the while accusing said opponent of trashing and degrading Obama and/or his followers.
5.  Had the help of loser Republicans in trashing his VP opponent.  Figure that one out.  Sorry Rs, but your days of majority are over for a long time.
6. Load the polls with ignorant (I didn’t say stupid) voters.  There’s plenty of research / polling data to prove that one true.  It’s obvious to many of us.
7. Run against someone who’s just to the right of you.  That way there’s really no fire in the opposition’s camp. 

Go ahead and celebrate the first black President.  I have no problem with that, I just wish it were Alan Keyes or Clarence Thomas or JC Watts.  Sorry, forgot they would only count as black if they were liberals .

Do I wish Obama well? No, if his agenda is as we believe it to be. My fear is that there will be too many Republicans that want to make him successful, to the detriment of the country. 

Do I wish him harm? No on this one too.  We’re not like the other side.  We won’t make movies about assassinating him or hoping he chokes on a chip.


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