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It’s finally here – the Obama inauguration!

Posted by foundersfreedom on January 18, 2009


And I’ll be happy to miss every second of it!  The hype will be over and he will then actually have to DO SOMETHING worthy of all the accolades.  Good luck with that, Mr. PRESENT.

Now we’ll watch as the MoveOns and Kos’ get funny when reality dictates over rhetoric.  If he pleases the far left, his fellow ideologues, he will not be very popular with the masses that are giving him the benefit of the doubt.  If he goes against them the fur will be flying.  They’re already wondering, as many of us have been, about all the Clintonites populating his team.  Change.  Right.

We resistors (you know, the 57 million who DIDN’T vote for him) to his socialist / Marxist agenda will continue to be cast as dividers and we’re OK with that.  We use our own brains and aren’t needy for approval from Hollywood types and elitists.

We don’t wish him well if his agenda is as we believe it to be as gleaned from his associations and inner circle.  Just look at how Hollywood is slobbering all over this whole thing. Speaks volumes as to who he will likely represent (and it ain’t normal Americans). In that, we hope he is a miserable failure and pledge to be a thorn in his side. 

If he governs in the middle, we will give him credit for things done right, but nothing more. That’ more than the left did these past 8 years.

There is a wind blowing on the right that is far stronger than at any time in my lifetime.  We will not lay down or roll over and let him take this country farther left without a fight.  As far as many are concerned it won’t matter what the Republican party does, for we are beyond that.  They sold their soul as a party and quickly becoming irrelevant.

So, enjoy your moment in history, Mr. Obama.  Revel in the limelight.  But remember, you represent all of America from the highest office in the land and the most powerful in the world.  Anything less than reverence for the office or showing contempt toward us or the Constitution and the gloves will come off.    Amen.

To join us in the resistance go to  Intelligent, patriotic resistance.


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