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Will this be the end of the “free market” health system?

Posted by foundersfreedom on January 17, 2009


Not that it’s been a free market system for a long time, hence the problems we do have.  These are reparable in ways that involve govt. getting out, but we know that’s not how it’s done theses days.

The onerous Ted kennedy, who many of us hoped was finished in the Senate, is coming back again with his universal health care proposals. It’s like a nightmare that you cannot wake from – Ted AND universal health care.

This man has to be one of the MOST un-American people inside OR outside of the government.  He has bashed our soldiers, President, the church, gay rights opponents, walked unscathed, physically and LEGALLY from leaving  a girl who was not his wife to die in flooded car, yet he’s heralded as a wonderful public servant?

This guy makes me want to … never mind, fill in your own blank.

Will the spineless Republicans stand and fight against it another time, or out of deference for Teddy’s “service,” do as they are accustomed to – whimper, make a couple public statements against it and go back to the club,  golf course, or other benign place and say they didn’thave the votes to stop it? Helped along by the bipartisanship czar John McCain.  Remember him?

The Senate Republicans won’t have the votes to stop it but they have the ear of the American majority who see what government does TO sectors of American life and not FOR those sectors.  But as with most politicians, they are so far removed from reality and the American people they don’t recognize their voices.

The politicians that implement the program for us WILL NOT be subject to it regardless of what they say.  They will have their special privileges, likely for life, and will justify it with their own self-importance.  We will be the ones who will be left to die when we’re 80 years old and need heart surgery or kidney dialysis.  Our children that need special care due to genetic defect or accident will be the ones denied because their quality of life may not improve and they’ll just be a burden on the system.  It’s all about the system.

Read the article at Fox News.  We need to get our voices back up and running.  The new President is way on board with this and much much more.  We were able to stop the Amnesty bill (and it’s coming back too) with a unified effort so we can’t lose heart in these dark days. 

America is worth fighting for, but much longer in the hands of these people and I’m afraid it may be lost without something very drastic and only comes along every couple hundred years.


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