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Paradise lost – California

Posted by foundersfreedom on January 17, 2009

California should secede from the US. That way they can make it legal to marry trees or mice or anything else one might find attractive.  They could outlaw flatulence and breathing along with the carbon fuel vehicles to insure their part of the planet is healthy.

They could welcome the huddled masses, those huddled at the border waiting for nightfall so they can sneak in and take from their largesse.

They could outlaw Christianity, or all religions should they choose, and Conservatism.  Moral judgment? Gone! What a great place to live! 

They could give free health care to everyone And even include their pets!

And it wouldn’t cost the rest of us a dime!  What do you think, California?


It appears the Golden State is losing its luster.  More people left California in 2008 than moved there. 

Here’s the story at Fox,2933,479704,00.html

What could possibly be the reason for that? I can think of a couple:
1.  The confiscatory taxes
2.  The massive number of non-English speaking residents
3.  Oppressive environmental regulations.
4. The failing, yet expensive, school systems.
5. The exorbitant cost of housing. 
6. The cost of paying for health care of illegals.
7. Motor voter laws.

California, the poster child of liberal governance, is bankrupt and is in line for my tax dollars.  Yet they continue to welcome illegals and offer them welfare and health care benefits.  Companies are moving out to get away from the environmental Nazi state and the taxes, putting a strain on public budgets.

If California wants MY money to sustain their insanity, I’m going to have a problem with that.  It’s so much a microcosm of the federal govt., but those running things are oblivious to the chaos they are creating.  It’s quite obvious the best and the brightest are not in control.

Will California get their bailout?  I imagine they will.  52 electoral votes that always go to the Dems.  Kind of like the unions.  A breeding ground for new liberals to self-perpetuate and continue the cycle of madness. 

This same scenario is now being played out across the country as a whole.  Amnesty for illegals will lead to voting rights.  Tax cuts to those who don’t pay taxes (the new name for welfare).  Universal health care.  Punitive environmental laws.  Trillion dollar budget deficits as far as the eye can see.

Wow. Will people start looking for a new country to live in? Perhaps.  Here’s some info from Heritage that could help us in finding the “next America,” as sad as it makes me to say that. 

This is an index showing where economic freedom is most abundant – and America is sliding down the list.

How far down will we let our elected officials take us?  Are we too complacent to care?  Are we too demoralized to think we can change anything?  I pray to the God of heaven for an awakening.


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