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Thank you, Mr. President

Posted by foundersfreedom on January 15, 2009



Thank you Mr. President for being real.  

When we were attacked on 9-11 you stood amongst those charged with digging out the bodies of the murdered and said you will search for,  find and bring the perpetrators to justice, you did. 

One would think that after such a calamity the nation would have been unified for a considerable amount of time, but it wasn’t.  Soon after you became the enemy.  Accusations of “King George,” torture, civil rights violations (against our ENEMIES?!), corruption and so many other ridiculous charges were leveled by the liberals and their comrades in the MSM.  You did what needed to be done to protect us for these last 7 years, inspite of them rather than with their help.  For that we THANK YOU.

When you said the War on Terror would be a long one and we’re in it for the duration, you never wavered despite brutal and unfair criticisms and backpedaling from people of both parties.  Most in Congress agreed it had to be done, but as soon as the going got tough, the Dems bailed out and acted as though they were never in the boat. Pure hypocrisy.

When your own party started to join the me-toos,  THE reason they are now back in minority status, you stood firm.  You were real.

There were many times when those of us in your party wished you had stood up and fought in your own defense, but unlike the previous President, you decided to stay above the fray.  We still disagree with that decision because we know the other side lives for political gain and would use every piece of ammo they could to tear your Presidency down.  And they certainly did. 

Though you came with the expressed mission to restore civility to Washington and to change the tone, by working with, seeking input from and holding over some of the previous administration, it wasn’t to be.  Through the endless onslaught in the House, Senate and media, you didn’t put your policies to the focus groups or wet your fnger and put it in the wind.  You were real.

The new President will have big shoes to fill.  God help him to be half the Champion of Freedom that you were, to be half as interested in protecting Americans, and to have half the guts you had in making TOUGH decisions.

God bless you and God bless America!


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