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The UN (Umma Nations) attempts to quash free speech regarding Islam

Posted by foundersfreedom on January 14, 2009


This has been going on for years, but as the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) grabs more power and influence at the UN, they are getting very close to accomplishing what the title above says. 

Recall the Danish cartoons, especially the one at the left on this blog, the Muhammed Teddy bear, the death of Theo VanGogh for speaking the truth of treatment of women in fundamental Islam, fatwas against Geert Wilders. 

There is very little that DOESN’T offend this brand of Muslim.  (Dogs, Jews, pictures, music, jokes, pigs, cartoons, education, democracy, free will, free speech, Christianity, alcohol, Santa Claus, shaving a beard, exposed skin on a woman,  just to name a few).

Yet, beheadings, acid-in-the-face of girls going to school, burning alive “traitors,” genital mutilations, forced marriages, “honor” killings get nary a yawn from them.

No wonder they want the truth to be silenced.  The Religion of Peace ain’t. With so much information available and easily passed through the internet it’s getting more difficult to spread Islam under that guise, and doing it by the sword, as commanded by Allah, is messy and very much more difficult.

So, criminalizing speech against Islam seems to be a good way to accomplish this.  My prayer is that Western countries / democracies see this as it is and ignore it.  The UN is a corrupt and toothless, paper tiger anyway.  

This excerpt about the UN resolution is from Floyd Abrams, the Chair at the Coalition to Defend Free Speech. 

“From the very first OIC resolution to the current one there has never been any ambiguity about its purpose: to intimidate those who might criticize Islam. As phrased in the original OIC resolution introduced by Pakistan in 1999, Islam was “frequently and wrongly associated with human rights violations and terrorism.” But it is a fact that however one may debate about whether “Islam” bears any responsibility for acts of terrorism ranging from the murderous 9/11 attacks on New York and Washington to the more recent massacre in Mumbai, terrible acts of violence have been committed in the name of Islam. It is also the case that repeated human rights violations, including female genital mutilation, also have occurred in the name of Islam.

It is one thing to urge that all Muslims should not be criticized because of these acts. But the notion that it may or should be made a crime even to “associate” Islam with crimes too often committed in its name is inconsistent with any notion that both freedom of speech and religion should be protected. What cannot be even negotiable is the freedom, the unfettered freedom, to publish challenging books, movies and – yes – the Danish cartoons. ”

Read it all here at NY Daily News.


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