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THIS IS HAMAS! And you think the Israelis over-react?

Posted by foundersfreedom on January 12, 2009

I got this today from ACT!for America.  This shows toddlers dressed in full Hamas terrorwear, sporting guns and doing commando exercises.  It appears a lot of it is in a school.  Perhaps the UN schools in which Israel is allegedly targeting civilians. 

Also shows the proximity of kids to gunmen actively in combat, or standing among them for safety becasue they know Israel won’t directly endanger these kids – which Hamas hs no problem doing.  Barbarians.

These are cute kids like any of our kids, and the civilized world grieves for them.  Their future under the Islamic fundamentalists is one of death and hardship and oppression.  And these people want to share it with the rest of the world.

No, thanks.

Israel has got to destroy everything about Hamas to give the residents of Gaza any chance for a peaceful, prosperous life.  Once the intimidation and fear is gone, I pray the people will vote in rulers that actually want to live in peace.


2 Responses to “THIS IS HAMAS! And you think the Israelis over-react?”

  1. LOtfi said

    u’re the terrorists so get out of gaza

  2. foundersfreedom said

    I’m an American, so I can’t get out of Gaza.
    As for Israel being terrorists:
    Which of these makes them terrorists?
    1. The self rule they have repeatedly offered only to get suicide bombings and rockets in return.
    2 The utilities, food and medical supplies that even Gaza’s neighbor and “brother,” Egypt is not willing to supply.
    3. Going after those that indiscriminately shoot rockets into their cities with no regard as to who they hit? 3000 this year alone. Over 6000 in the last few years. Many during a “cease-fire” in which only Israel complied. They have been more than patient.

    The Palestinians are pawns in the great and horrific game of Islam vs. Jews. I really feel for the children – they didn’t vote for Hamas, but they have to live with the result.

    Hamas’ official charter calls for the destuction of Israel and no concession short of giving up all of Israel will appease them.

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