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One good thing about the Israeli / Gaza battle…

Posted by foundersfreedom on January 11, 2009 is showing how many Palestinian / Muslim / Arab peoples in the west support terrorism (and, sadly, how ignorant much of the indigenous population is). 

Go to Atlas Shrugs and / or JihadWatch.  See the violent and threatening crowds in Norway, Germany, Denmark, etc.  See and hear the crowds calling for the ovens for the Jews.  See and hear the threats against their synagogues and schools.  Could we please now give the “religion of peace” moniker a rest?!  It ain’t working anymore.

The BIG QUESTION…Is anybody in power paying attention?  Are we considering monitoring their mosques? Do we love our heritage enough to stand up for it?  We have the right to free speech, but does that include death threats against ours and any other “infidel” culture?  Will we stand up for western values or continue to allow these most intolerant, anti-democratic, mysogenistsic, supremacists to use these same freedoms to imprison us with Islam?

I, for one, will die first that my kids will never taste Sharia and its evil.  I believe there are many hundreds of thousands who are gathering their determination to let these people know that America is not and will not be dar al Islam.

For the uninformed, there are two types of “land.”  Dar-al-islam is the “land of islam” or land that is under Islamic rule.  Dar-al-harb is the “land of war,” or land that is not Islamic, but Allah willing, will be even if it takes war to accomplish it. 

One day we may have to choose which land we will live in.  Maybe sooner than we think.  The terrorist supporters are also seeing that they can do what they do in the protests.  Will they overplay their hands and make more demands of the West to where we stand up and tell them that they live here by choice, so live with us or leave.  Or will they continue their stealth jihad and bit by bit spread their tentacles through our laws and culture until they receive the supremacy that Mohammed says is theirs?


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