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Dictator(ess) Pelosi takes Congress from (half) the People of America

Posted by foundersfreedom on January 9, 2009

No surprise here.  The Dems had to be the minority for a couple years after ruling with an iron fist for decades and the poor, oppressed elitists couldn’t handle it. So, in their time-honored true spirit of partisanship, the Dems have shut the door on their counterparts in the House that represent roughly half the country.  Yes, there were many millions that didn’t vote for Obama, believe it or not.

Read this release from John Boehner (R, Ohio – and very weak leader of the RP) that explains what Pelosi and her co-conspirators did to prevent any substantive debate or amending of their bills by the Republicans to the Dems perceived (in their own minds) mandate for change (read socialization of America).

Even you that are still swooning about the incoming President should be concerned about the power grab that has taken place.  But then again, this won’t affect American Idol, Oprah or Desperate Housewives, so  you probably don’t care.


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