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“Moderate” Muslims among us – Salah Sultan

Posted by foundersfreedom on January 8, 2009


As an Ohioan, I occasionally go to Central Ohioans Against Terrorism to see what’s going on in my state and plenty of it seems to come from this guy and his associates. 

For some background on this “moderate” Muslim leader, check out this article by Patrick Poole in FrontPage Magazine here.  If a moderate calls for the destruction of America, what in the world do the “radicals” sound like?!

Here’s “moderate” Salah Sultan doing just that from JW.  Go there now.

The “tiny minority of extremists” seem to be masters at coverage.  It seems everywhere you look there are leaders like this.  They must have people just sitting around figuring out how to place this tiny minority in the right places.  Either that or the ‘tiny’ part is a bit inaccurate.


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