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Hamas shooting, arresting Fatah. Imagine that, Muslims killing Muslims!

Posted by foundersfreedom on January 8, 2009

Of course that’s an everyday occurrence in some parts of the world.  Some Muslims just aren’t Muslim enough for others.  Join the club!  Club Infidel?  Kinda has a ring to it.

The “moderate” Fatah, of which Arafat was a leader, hence the quotes around moderate, is under attack for possibly aiding the IDF in their assault on Hamas.  The enemy of my enemy is my friend?

Read it in the Jerusalem Post:

Of course Fatah would like to be back in power, but to Israel, what would be the difference?  Israel needs to finish off Hamas decidedly so Fatah, should they assume power, will know who they’re dealing with.  Still, this fight will go ’til the end of this age.  Land, self-rule, concessions, reparations and whatever else the Islamists ask for is but a play to the world media.  The destruction of the “apes and pigs” is the goal.

I’m hopeful that Israel won’t do what America has a tendency to do which is to help a lesser evil defeat the greater evil, i.e, the Afghan Mujahideen turned Taliban against the Soviets or Saddam Hussein against the Iranians.

We don’t seem to learn by it, but I pray Israel has

Go Israel – Beat Hamas!


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