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Hamas admitting they use children, women and the elderly as shields

Posted by foundersfreedom on January 7, 2009

Evil cannot prevail in this clash of civilizations.  3000 rockets launched at innocent civilians on purpose cannot be ignored.  Obviously most of the world’s population is ignorant and being led by the nose by the MSM and Israel has done well to ignore the chorus of condemnation.  If G W Bush had been so restrained after 9-11 we would have called for his head.  Israel learned from the war with the other barbarian Hezbollah that anything short of annihilating these terrorists will be construed as a victory by the Islamists.  Israel likely can’t annihilate them completely since they dress as and hide amongst civilians, but command and communication infrastructure has to be destroyed enough to set them back for years.

But as Mohammed said, any cease-fire is only to re-arm and strengthen for the next battle.  Sorry to say, this will continue until the end of time or at least until the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob destroys the enmies of His people Israel – once and for all.  Pray for the salvation of those caught in the trap of Islam.  The generations of hatred, poverty and oppression by the fundamentalists  on their own people can only be removed by a masive turning away from the ideology that has propagated it.

Until I figure out how to embed a video direct link I apologetically direct you to Atlas Shrugs to view this confession – if you’re still one who thinks Hamas is just protecting the Palestinians.

It’s very short, so see it.  Know it. Get it.

Go Israel – Beat Hamas!


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