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This is why they are called Terrorists!

Posted by foundersfreedom on January 6, 2009

The Hamas “freedom fighters, “separatists,” “rebels,” or whatever you may want to join the MSM in calling them are shown here in action.  Yes, they are dragging around young boys apparently as shields because they know the good guys aren’t likely to shoot because it may harm the kids.  Something Hamas has no problem doing. 

Watch it here:

Also, the reports that UN schools were hit today seem to be popular though I doubt many have seen the video of Hamas shooting rockets from right in front of one of the so-called schools.  Probably more of an indoctrination camp where  the (poor, impoverished) children learn to hate Jews and Americans while studying the Koran to become martyrs rather than learning a life-skill that could improve their lives and the next generation.

See it here at Atlas Shrugs :

You have to wonder why Hamas would have UN schools.  All the better to hide in? I’m jus’ askin’.

I say it again: Go Israel, Beat Hamas!


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