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Another day closer to the ascension of Potentate Obama

Posted by foundersfreedom on January 2, 2009



Remember this picture from BHO’s “Love Me – The World Tour” this past summer?  Oh, the fawning, the gushing and the adoration from people who can never vote for him.  Don’t forget that Europe has been jealous of and ungrateful to the US for a couple decades now.  Their PC / multiculti- elitists can’t stand that Americans still exercise their freedom of speech by saying what they think, but mostly by doing what we think is right for America and thus the free world without their input or approval.

Their elites have spit on and ignored much of their constituencies for a longer time than ours and have gone likely beyond the point of no return in the demise of their society as it’s been known. We’ve still got a lot of fight in us; call it “cowboy” if you will.  

We want Mr. Obama to be successful for the totality of America.  We should applaud him for what he does right, which is something most of his supporters never afforded the out-going President, but we will also stand against him reading into his victory a mandate to fundamentally change (how I’ve grown to despise that word) the greatest, most benevolent country the world has ever seen.



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