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Business Groups balk at system put in place to vet out illegals on federal projects

Posted by foundersfreedom on January 1, 2009

After all the corruption we’ve seen on Wall Street and the ensuing bailouts, several business groups are complaining that an executive order put in place by Pres. Bush will cause businesses undue significant costs and time-burden.  Waaah.

We all know that public contracts are much higher than the same in a commercial situation and the system is full of bloat and gouging.  All the President wants is to make sure that we know that those getting our  tax dollars are entitled to them.  Is that really too much to ask?

Americans are screaming for the federal government to stop the flood of illegals coming in and taking what belongs to us.  We finally get a little movement in that direction and business gets in the way.

We have got to get beyond the “bottom line uber alles” mentality.  We’ve seen enough of our treasure going overseas and pilfered by corrupt CEOs, financial institutions and politicians. Can’t we for once take a look through a bigger lens?


While Bush’s executive order stated that the new requirement was “designed to promote economy and efficiency in federal government procurement,” the lawsuit alleges it will create a “significant expense and time burden” on many of the plaintiffs’ member companies. It also says the requirement “increases substantially the likelihood that many of plaintiffs’ respective members will face expensive and time-consuming lawsuits brought by individuals who believe they have been discriminated against on the basis of race and/or national origin.”

Here’s the whole story at cnet.

Capitalism has allowed untold millions to achieve financial success beyond their wildest dreams, but I’ve felt for the past 2 decades that the pursuit of global business has corrupted the soul of capitalism.  Pure capitalism has no loyalties but to itself.

Think way back to Enron and MCI, then to recently with Freddie, Fannie, Lehman. We were paying attention for a little while after former mess, but started looking the other way again giving us the latter. On top of that think of all the outsourcing and lost manufacturing.  We cannot continue on this path without dire consequences.  Are we experiencing those consequences today? Some will say “yes,” while others will say,”Maybe.”   Either way some soul-searching needs to be done.


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