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Be a Free Speech Champion this year!

Posted by foundersfreedom on January 1, 2009


Through the awesome folks at JihadWatch many thousands or perhaps millions have become aware of the “bloody, disproportionate attacks” on “innocent” free speech being launched by the OIC (Organization of Islamic Countries) at the UN.   Sadly, there’s little reporting of this tragedy in news reports anywhere.

Please read JWs story about Geert Wilders, the man wanted dead by Islamists worldwide for publicly stating that the reckless immigration of non-Western culture will be the death of the West unless we stand up for ourselves.

Geert, along with Aayan Hirsi Ali, who also had to flee the country for her safety for speaking out about the threat, and the Islamist-murdered Theo Van Gogh (slaughtered on the street in broad daylight for making a film about the treatment of women under Islam) know full well what the rest of Europe and the US have yet to fully acknowledge.

For his courage, Front Page Magazine  has given Geert the Man of the Year Award.  God, give us a portion of the courage of Mr. Wilders.


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