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Bosnians protest ban of Santa Claus

Posted by foundersfreedom on December 29, 2008

The Muslim state the US and other Western governments installed last year  decided that Santa is contrary to the Islamic faith and should be banned from pre-schools, daycares and kindergarten classes. Why does this not surprise those that are awake?  I imagine those that made this all possible are not looking at the wake they leave behind.  They then would have to acknowledge their failure and incompetence.

It’s just interesting that if a handful of Muslims complain about centuries-old Western traditions, the majority must accomodate them.  Yet the reverse is never true.   Read it here:,2933,473427,00.html

Then spend the time with your children to explain why our traditions are important enough to fight for.  These traditions are a big part of the fabric of this country and have contributed to the greatness of America.


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